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About Us

The E-Club was founded in 1988 to serve MIT, Harvard and Wellesley students, faculty, staff, alumni and select professionals. Members represent a range of experience and backgrounds including business, engineering, arts and sciences. Many MIT and Harvard startups have recruited club members as $50K team members, co-founding partners, and equity-sharing employees.

Primary Activities

Based around these, we provide practice sessions for presenters, networking opportunities for current and potential team members, market research, seed and other funding research and matchmaking, all the way through to conflict resolution (including negotiation and mediation) and post-mortems. We don't co-author or focus on business plans per-se, but we have a longstanding reputation for assisted hacking on details and introducing potential advisors, mentors and funders.

Other Activities

At the E-Club you'll find your aspiration for technology entrepreneurship shared by many of your peers. We are eager to hear about your project and hope to advise, contribute and sometimes invest in what you're trying to do.

More Information

Please visit our Web page archives or browse our Athena locker.