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* COVID-PASS RULES & REGS APPLY FOR FALL-TERM 2021 for all our regular weekly tuesday 5pm-9pm activities, all to be conducted in f2f_mode back in mit room 4-402 * 4pm-5pm office-hours * 6pm club * 7pm 6-credit edgerton center seminar ec.074 (6-credits) * the mit atlas app must be downloaded to your smart phone and testing for covid must be agreed-to and done * mit tim-tickets for visitors and guests must be created * read thoroughly and understand everything on about 40pages of materials, videos, tutorials & required covid training at * plans for a hybrid f2f + zoom option are in-the-works for members who can't be on campus * revisit here for updates * welcome back everyone, be & stay well, and hack safe & sane * be seeing you on tue14sep in 4-402 at the times above *

* COVID-19 CONDITIONS APPLY * all the club's tuesday 6pm meetings, office-hours, and our 6-credit tech start-ups at mit 7pm class meetings are being conducted in zoom * all weekend retreats, workshops, and other activities scheduled and planned-for have been cancelled until they are not * be and stay well everyone * - rlds *

the mit entrepreneurs club, aka: the e-club, in its 33rd year, is an mit academic and service club that focuses on helping to develop all aspects of science, engineering and technology business creation. our principal constituancies are students, faculty, staff and alums of mit, harvard university and wellesley college. we meet nearly every tuesday at 6pm-onward, during fall & spring academic terms in room 56-114 ; we offer two 6-credit seminars - ec.074 in fall-term & ec.075 in spring, with sr. lecturer joe hadzima '73, and e-club co-founder, co-director & founder-designer of our seminars richard shyduroff, plus a wide range of student & alum tas - theme: on tech start-ups at mit (tuesdays at 7-9pm in 4-402, doc edgerton's old classroom, off strobe alley); we conduct special e-club demo meetings for visiting academic, government, ngo and science, engineering, technology & policy related groups, and k-12 schools; we sponsor legal, mental & physical health, negotiation & mediation, and stage & dramatic arts clinics and workshops (all in order to improve our selves and our own and student clients' tech start-up teams' communications skills, including preparation for internal speaking, classroom, campus & public presentations) and more. nb: the mit e-club is NOT a lecture-based activity, does not like or use much power-point or similar slide-presentation-s/w (all is chalk-and-talk, ie, at-the- black-board) - and - we are also not food-focussed, per-se; bring your own dinner or snacks, or eat before or after meetings. we do provide water & dry sailors' crackers, and sometimes fruits and a variety of chocolates. but, if you're looking for an mit free-food- source, do NOT come to our meetings else you will be sorely dis- appointed - and hungry. one of us should write-up this special caveat on an updated e-club faq page (see elsewhere). we do regularly connect through regular e-mail_list postings and related activity and course reminders, plus our very occasional e-club newsletter where you are encouraged to read more ... we also offer open office-hours, on most tuesdays, at 4pm/5pm-5:55pm in (by-default) 4-402; if the noisy ambience is requested we can meet in lobby-10 (perhaps more audible-secure) ... ... learn more ...

[ * caveat to advertisers, marketeers, recruiters and spammers: save your time, effort, and the high probability of our negative feedback! study this site! and understand we're an all-volunteer mit service organisation and that we have zero spare cycles for you - thus we won't be hosting your ads, and or linking-to your operations. thanks-in-advance for getting-this, grokking even, if you're at-all intuitive-sensitive ... - rlds, for the e-club-core and our seminars. [ `Those who are grokking are momentarily vibrating on the same frequency and wavelength.' source: Koss, Ron; Koss, Arnie | The Earth's Best Story; term grok is a word coined by Robert A. Heinlein for his 1961 science-fiction novel, Stranger in a Strange Land. ] ]
* FALL TERM 2022 *

[ archive of just-over-our-horizons' fall-term 2022 here ]


[ archive of ongoing summer-session 2022 here ]

* SPRING TERM 2022 *

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* IAP 2022 *

[ archive of IAP 2022 here ]

* FALL TERM 2021 *

[ archive of fall-term 2021 here ]


[ archive of summer-session 2021 here ]

* SPRING TERM 2021 *

[ archive of spring term 2021 here ]

* IAP 2021 *

[ archive of club & special seminars IAP 2021 here ]

* MID FALL TERM 2020 *

a mid-term reminder * as-it-is-written there's always space (-virtual) for 1 more in our tech start-up seminar ec.074 * and in fact since we're still in zoom_mode there's plenty when compared to the formal legal limit of 18 in venerable 4-402 * we miss that old classroom hard * anyway, if you're an mit student of any year, any school, from frosh to post-(G), please consider joining us - even this late in the term * we nearly always might be able to help get you registered late * same invitation applies to all members of the mit community - faculty, staff, alums, affiliates - drop by any of our tuesday 6pm club meetings and stay for our seminar at 7-9pm * intro yourself and what you might just be thinking about starting-up, what you've been hacking creating, solo - or as a team of co-founders - and or (because we always have a number of parallel entrepreneurs; though we try to discourage that special behaviour) - bring along your partners * the same applies to members of the harvard college, the b-school, and all the other H-schools, and of course, to the wellesley college community * remember that you can x-reg from harvard & wellesley into our 6-credit courses too * for some background and term readings check out our growing repository in * mit, harvard & wellesley student browsers are always welcome * scan the myriad paras below for pointers and hints to more resources * and subscribe to our announcements, reminders of meetings, suggested readings, and mention of other, - mostly at mit - activities list to which you may add yourself via the mit mailman e-club 'public' list * and in the meanwhiles, be & stay well everyone * looking forward, - rlds ***

* FALL TERM 2020 *

fall-term 2020 commences next tue01sep * our 6pm club and 7pm-to-9pm 6-credit tech start-ups at mit seminar ec.074 as well as office-hours with joe hadzima and myself richard shyduroff also start next tuesday * send joe a note to request a day and time to meet at (e-mail) and or myself for nearly-on-demand time at (e-mail) * all e-club meetings and our seminar classes and office-hours are remote in zoom mode until they are not * old dare we name them ancient bits else-where among these pages regarding the details of our seminars referencing u/g seminars sem.089 and sem.095 are about to be archived * current bits reflecting our seminars ec.074 for fall-term and ec.075 for spring-term will begin to populate those elder files' locations in space and time * thanks so much everyone for your kind patience * be & stay well * hack safe & sane * and more ***


streams noon-2pm today fri29may at * plus numerous after-party parties and more * just follow the sub-heads * some may require requests-for-invites and some may require mit kerberos ids and certs * best possible luck out there everyone! be and stay well and work, hack, play, and continue studying safe and sane * and 'hack the world!' - president l. rafael reif * and remember, 'captain america is not coming to the rescue' - commencement speaker 4-star admiral, u.s.n. retired, william mcraven ***


[ archives of summer-session 2020 here ]

* SPRING TERM 2020 *

e-club-remote + our tech start-up seminar ec.075-remote went live via zoom on tue10mch * join us! * hours are the same for club at 6pm and seminar at 7pm-9pm * write to e-club-officers for the nums, pwd, and phone-in details * late office-hours-remote start at 9pm and run 'til around midnight * write rdshydur for a different set of zoom nums for office-hours ***

[ archives of spring term 2020 here ]

* IAP 2020 *

[ archives of iap 2020 here ]

* FALL TERM 2019 *

[ archives of fall-term 2019 here ]

* SPRING TERM 2019 *

[ archives of spring-term 2019 here ]

* IAP 2019 *

suggested readings for spring-term seminar ec.075 ***


sat19jan - club alum advisor kurt keville, usma, mit, bu, mit course-6-'90, mit esd-'11, director of special projects at mit's institute for soldier nanotechnologies, the isn, plus founder of the isn's soldier design competition, the sdc, now in its 12th year, and more, hosts this year's IoT-fest at mit on saturday 19 january starting at 2pm in e51-315 * featured special speaker alum bob frankston, course-6 + math, more course-6 + more course-6, founder of software arts, plus kurt and an interesting array of others this iap * details and backgrounders at ***

wed16jan: Mary Knapp on Space Based Radio Astronomy and the Low Frequency Universe, Tonight @5:30pm in room 3-270 * sponsored special series on radio by w1mx, the venerable mit radio society * see * series details/scheds ***

suggested readings for iap'19 ***

IAP 2019 - during mit's venerable independent activities period, approaching its 50th year, the e-club takes a low- profile back-seat to the myriad offerings across the entire institute * read all about it and browse the iap catalogue at * we do boost a few select iap courses, work- shops, seminars, labs, for-credit and just for fun and enrichment * members of the club and our seminar students and alums often create new one-off courses across the spectrum not limited to the theme of tech entrepreneurship * some few have been running iap classes and activities for many years * got ideas? it's nearly never-to-late to submit an iap proposal all through the month - details at and or if you're an e-club member in-good-standing run it by us and we probably can help find a room in which to conduct * send us mail at ***

* FALL-TERM 2018 *

tue11dec: final regular, weekly, tuesday, OPEN 6pm club meeting of the fall-term * followed at 7pm-9pm with our joint end-of-term dinner around our ec.074 students' final paper oral presentations, with feedback, crits and discussion by club-core, more students, drop-by faculty, staff and alum advisors and regulars - and often - new spring-term prospective club & seminar students, for-credit or as listeners * know some of our students and alums are in this with us for 'purely academic reasons and pursuits' * our end-of-term dinners are always more-good-fun and you should join in! * help support the program, if you are game & able, by offering to under-writing the entire cost of dinner - or - simply chip in $10 for yourself and 1-other in our take-a-student-to- dinner option * and, sure, bring along something to eat to share too! we have some darn good cooks in club and class ***

tue04dec: OPEN 6pm meeting in 56-114 with club advisor and instructor alum mark hessler '86, plus the masters in education, harvard ed school, and more, in our 7pm tech start-up seminar * mark offers us his occasional joint e-club and seminar workshop in theater arts & stage tools for learning and developing our presence, voices, gestures and related human communications' factors to increase the probablity we'll be better presenters, listeners, team builders and maintainers, and more * this is always a good-fun evening of real-time exercises and coaching with mark, who spends his day-time hours hacking for akamai * come to the 6pm session to practice your pitching and to our 7pm seminar up in 4-402 for the workshop ***

tue27nov: OPEN 6pm meeting in 56-114 as-per-usual * come welcome new founders, hear-out, and crit their cases * in- seminar this evening joe hadzima '73 offers our occasional mini-workshops in equity and funding sources, plus all about collaboration agreements, and more, at 7pm in 4-402 ***

[ archives of fall term meetings & seminar bits here * [ for seminar readings plus other materials use stellar ]

tue04sep: it's REG-DAY! consider our tech start-ups at mit fall-term edgerton center based seminar ec.074 * (2-0-4) class meets tuesdays at 7pm-9pm in 4-402 (doc edgerton's old classroom, along strobe alley, at the edgerton center) * join club & seminar advisors senior lecturer joe hadzima '74, myself, richard shyduroff, edgerton center affiliate instructor and co-founder of the mit e-club, our seminars, and our retreats, plus the club's 3-presidents, your student friends & co-founders and best sources of constructive feedback, plus a wide variety of faculty, staff and alums who often just happen to be passing- by our class-room when they 'just drop in' to update us * really, i do not set up these instances of surprise ***

* SPRING-TERM 2018 *

tue15may: a crazy-wild, fluffy, and potentially dangerous bio-x start-up scheme with founder mathematician-programmer angelika generates a number of interesting potential spin- off and derivative ideas in the 6pm meeting which featured a number of totally rain-storm-soaked students and alums who managed later to make it to the s'n's /early/ for our ongoing fun-filled end-of-term dinner * thanks to alum mark hessler for another of his e-club/seminars ec.075/ec.074 dinner workshops this interesting evening on communications issues; discussants' 3-club-presidents alums thomas delgado, charles freeman and alex sludds (G) all responded and helped crit * more in club archives and on our fall-term-'18's stellar site; mit certs req'd * thanks alums, advisors and friends who kindly-chipped-in to pay for our students' meals and to the s'n's management and staff for granting us the regular use of the restaurant's conference room for our late tuesday night joint e-club and seminar functions ***

tue08may: new case, with founder alum rob chan '98, biology, the berkeley-hass mba, and more, for * please participate in rob's 1-2minute potential users' survey at ***

tue01may: review of visit and presentation coaching of masha mostovoy's start-up talk with alum club advisor jeremy sher '99, mathematics, plus harvard divinity school '16, and more, with rabbi jeremy in seminar * late dinner after with students, faculty, alums and friends ***

tue24apr: OPEN 6pm meeting in 56-114 * our tech start-up seminar ec.075 at 7pm-9pm in 4-402 * after class dinner with club core & advisors by-invitation-only ***

tue17apr: institvte holiday * no office-hours, no 6pm club, no 7pm seminar, no late-dinner-after * strongly suggested all-day mit-day-of-action 10am-8pm * ***

tue10apr: * club exec case advising mit eyes only *

tue03apr: welcome back! OPEN 6pm club meeting * seminar ongoing cases continue with kyle morgenstein, course-16 * new case today: botong 'bo' ma, course-6 (G) on her concept Managing Real Estate for Rich People Who Can't Even * bo is a regular in club, an irregular in seminar, and her hobbies include running, making pottery, rock climbing, and memes * welcome bo * 6pm in 56-114 & 7pm in 4-402 ***

tue27mch: mit's on spring break * go hack on your start-up!

tue20mch: special 6pm club intensive with masha mostovoy focussing on semyon dukach's new funding immigrant tech start-ups project * combined 5pm office-hours + club + seminar * nb: mit eyes only tonight * goes to at least 8pm ***

tue13mch: mit snow day * else archive * remote office-hours by e-mail only tonight, thanks, 'til 0000 ***

tue06mch: office-hours-iffy-today - check with me * in 6pm club financials advisor ross gutman, mba, tepper, cmu, co-founder & the fins-guy for the cannabis testing service on his start-up's growth and futures * stay with us for seminar ec.075 at 7pm in 4-402 * or, stay in 56-114 for e-club advisor kurt keville and his occasional 'mit hacks jeopardy' activity at 8pm * read our news-letter for the particulars * queries to debug at mit ***

tue27feb: archive of kyle morgenstein, course-16, presentation on one of his start-up comms projects based on cube-sats ***

tue20feb: today is monday's sched of classes * no office-hours * no 6pm club * no seminar * no after-class-dinner * no post- dinner-thing when & 'til they kick us out * it's all due to so-called presidents' day weekend in the u.s.a. ***

tue13feb: just a reminder that our 6-credit tech start-up seminar with joe hadzima '73 (plus jd/h-law, sloan/mba, and more) course num ec.075 (tue 7pm-9pm in 4-402) has room for more students, welcome also as x-reg'ds from harvard and wellesley * joe's returned from his travels and will be in class this evening; i'm working from home in maine today but reachable for remote-office-hours pref by e-mail: rdshydur at mit dot edu * thanks! but not in the usual 4pm-6pm slot, rather well after dark, up-to ~0000 ***

tue13feb: 6pm club today welcomes back alum advisor capt. kurt keville, usma, course-6, b.u., more course-6, and esd; founder & director of the mit annual soldier design competition (the sdc) now in its 15th consecutive year * capt keville will talk up the contest, which includes student team building at both the institvte and at the u.s. military academy * like many of us kurt wears numerous hats, including that of director of special projects at mit's isn (the institute for soldier nanotechnologies) where the principle challenge is protecting & supporting soldiers on-the-ground and first responders everywhere * details of the sdc at * for the isn more broadly & deeply see * that's 6pm in 56-114 ***

tue06feb: 6pm club case update meeting in 56-114 - an open-source political canvassing & campaign s/w system - with co-founders club past president thomas delgado, club's most recent president charles freeman, just graduated, and new president alex sludds * follow-on & more in seminar at 7pm including a warm welcome to our new students angie, neil, li & maria, and welcome back for more, kyle * learn about our 6-credit 'tech start-ups at mit' seminar ec.075, first meeting of the new term, today, tuesday, at 7pm-9pm in 4-402, immediately following club * course description and more mit edgerton center offerings at ***

tue06feb: new! club advisor alum henry lieberman, phd, visited last spring term to lead a discussion in our seminar ec.075 around his and co-author chris fry's new book 'why can't we all just get along?' * henry was, as expected, very well received, and though i promised we'd invite him back regularly, here he & fry have organised an entire course that the venerable mit-esg is hosting! and i, for one, highly recommend it! and, toby & i hope to be able to sit in from time-to-time; and though you may also be hosed tuesday afternoons, we suggest you make time too! * why can't we all just get along? esg seminar es.s71, meets tue, 3pm-5pm in 24-619 * details at * for the book, tedx talk, and more ***

* IAP 2018 *

archive club-related & suggested activities here * principle linked default tue-wed-thu 23,24,25 and tue-wed-thu 30,31 and 01feb are all joe hadzima's 29th annual nuts & bolts series * who's-who, sched, details, syllabus & more at * all starting times 6pm in 10-250 ***

* FALL-TERM 2017 *

tue12dec: 7pm! end-of-term joint dinner e-club + seminar ec.074 * our fall term students present oral verisons of their term's work papers, field questions and lead discussions * 7pm in 4-402 * rsvp for dinner and plan to chip-in $10/head - students eat on us! in our feed-a-student programme ***

tue12dec: 6pm club! new case presentation with thomas delgado and co-founders * details forthcoming as-of 3pm/mon04dec ***

tue05dec: new case in 6pm club - 100k finalist adam hasz '18 (G, course-11), co-founder of the energy democracy cooperative + alum advisor mark hessler '87, harvard ed school '89, running our joint theater arts' for presentations workshop in our 7pm seminar ec.074 * wrap-up of our legal clinic for tech start-ups last-minute-topics with joe hadzima '73 at start of class ***

mon04dec: heads-up! students in our tech start-up seminar ec.074 * today dean chacon reminds us the end-of-term subjects evaluations site is now OPEN * PLEASE do participate! all other students, alums and regulars in club, listeners and guests in class - please send joe and myself your feedback, suggestions, rants (raves too! (smile)), plus crits, &c, re the club, seminar and any of our other activities * thanks! ***

tue28nov: sufficient club regulars were absent last week travelling early that thomas re-scheduled amber houghstow '11 to today, at 6pm, in 56-114 * see details in last tuesday's posting below *** at 7pm, immediately following the club meeting, join us for part-2 of our occasional joint LEGAL CLINIC for tech start-ups, as practiced at mit, with club advisor alum joe hadzima '73, at 7pm, up in 4-402 * all members of the mit, wellesley & harvard communities are welcome, as always ***

tue21nov: new case in 6pm club today - alumna amber houghstow '11, course-2, mla, harvard-ext '17, internat'l relations, and more, presents her start-up climate/peacebuilding nonprofit to provide fiscal and strategic support to grassroots climate and environmental justice organizers [and presumably candidates] in locations that are vulnerable to the effects of climate change * host this evening - past club president, oloa, thomas delgado * please welcome amber and help generate critial feedback, build her network, and more ***

tue21nov: no 4pm office-hours & no formal 7pm seminar today * see above entry for details of the 6pm club meeting ***

tue14nov: archive ***

tue07nov: archive ***

tue24oct: OPEN session meeting of the e-club today with our new student president charles freeman '18, intro'd by on-leave-of-absence past club president thomas delgado, course-24, and others * please come help welcome charles and bring your sci, eng, tech start-up case, in nearly any b-model known, un-known, and/or under-development * stay at 7pm for joe hadzima '73, for joe's talk and discussion with our ec.074 students on business models * 7pm in 4-402, doc edgerton's old classsroom * details on the mit stellar site pages for seminar ec.074 ***

tue17oct: the e-club goes on a little field trip with our tech start-up seminar ec.074, at 7pm, to participate in the course-6 hkn honor society's BAD IDEAS PITCH COMPETITION at 7:30pm in 38-201, aka: the chu room, aka: the course-6 student lounge * FUN! ***

tue10oct: an evening with alum club advisor mark herschberg, '95 (sb,6&8; meng-6; founder,upop) at 6pm in club in 56-114 * plus mark's career talk at 7:30 in 10-105, aka, the bush room * more * today's an mit holiday, thus no formal seminar ec.074 this evening * if possible go hear & meet mark * his linked-in- style backgrounder is at ***

tue03oct: archive of meeting here ***

tue26sep: an e-club OPEN special demo meeting with visiting welsh business and government clients of the mit i.l.p., aka, the industrial liaison program * bring your start-up cases and intro yourself to digital profile, with dan watts; coup media ('we build bots'), with paul sheperd; plas farm, with rhian williams; trakcel, with martin lamb; wales bt, (british telecom), with alwen williams; ruth bacigalupo, delivery & development manager for the welsh government; and the mit-ilp's marie-teresa vander sande, program director at corporate relations * 6pm-onward in 56-114 ***

tue19sep: your 6pm session host this evening is mit alum and advisor mark hessler '87, ms harvard ed school, dramatic arts, music & writing tutor, and, by-day, senior software engineer over at akamai * though tonight's meeting is OPEN, mark may wish to conduct an intro session to his workshops with us in our seminars * please welcome back mark ***

tue12sep: the club resumes regular, weekly activities today starting at 4pm with office-hours for ongoing and new founders and new and returning students in ec.074, in lobby-10 * our tuesday 6pm OPEN meeting for mit, harvard & wellelsey students, faculty, staff & alums in 56-114 * and our mit 6-credit tech start-up seminar ec.074 at 7pm-9pm in 4-402 ***


wed21jun: [draft] suggested summer readings include joe hadzima's occasional company blog & newsletters * here's today's sample: Apple Granted a Staggering 54 Patents in One Day * reading and more at * it's also never-too-early to prep for our iap readings always applicable in-seminar * see joe's 3-credit offering at where he's archived a great deal of material & references * let the club's summer readings begin! ***

* SPRING-TERM 2017 *

tue30may: our 6-credit tech start-up seminars return in fall-term * ec.074 (2-0-4) meets for 13 tuesdays starting tue12sep * see under courses for details ***

tue23may: [no-office-hours; no 6pm meeting; no seminar ec.075 today] * it's mit final exams week * good luck everyone! ***

tue16may: archives of joint club & seminar ec.075 end- of-term dinner here * list student & alum presenters and their research case titles & projects * include pointers to club summer-session activities (3) planned but not yet programmed * locs & dates are tbd ***

tue09may: put missing tuesday archives here ...

tue02may: [no-office-hours-today] - OPEN 6pm club session in 56-114 * our occasional legal clinic for tech start-ups with sr lecturer joe hadzima '73, in seminar ec.075, at 7pm in 4-402 * open to the mit, harvard & wellesley communities * all students, faculty, staff & alums as well as new prospective students for seminar ec.074, fall-term '17 * come by and check out the 6-credit academic component of the e-club * welcome ***

tue25apr: OPEN club session with returning past president mit alum thomas delgado at 6pm in 56-114 and in seminar ec.075 at 7pm in 4-402 * don't forget to watch live-streaming and voting for club & seminar alumna tatyana gubin at the hbs new ventures competition, also today, 4:30pm-6pm on and live voting: * also turn off blockers or qualtrics won't function ***

tue04apr: NO office-hours today * 6pm club is OPEN format * 7pm seminar ec.075 class resumes with joe hadzima '73 leading a discussion on business models * special guests include sloan school's bar zvi kafri (G) managing director of the mit 100k competition - plus returning case velopay founder & club advisor (legal) peter mclaughlin searching for tech & product co-founders * thanks again all for everyones' patience this very busy term * r will be available remotely for office-hours tonight (e-mail only please) from after-dark to the wee hours ***

tue28mch: no office-hours/no club meeting/no seminar * mit's on spring-break this week ***

tue21mch: fedor sokolov, founder, elk academy language learning, coaching, and more * see: * 6pm in 56-114 * follow-on deeper with our students in ec.075 at 7pm in 4-402 ***

tue14mch: alas, an mit snow-day happened; no meetings/no classes ***

tue07mch: archive of athena wang and masha mostovoy visit representing new case in club and seminar ***

tue28feb: short office-hours are 4pm-5pm in lobby-10 * join us at 5:30-7:30 over in E14-6th-floor for a welcome/info/intro session with KATIE RAE @ktrae inaugural pres & ceo of mit's new ENGINE inititative * details/rsvps-req'd @enginexyz * later join us at 7pm-9pm in our tech start-up seminar ec.075 in 4-402 * harvards & wellesely college students of all-years-all-departments welcome * 6-mit-credits (2-0-4) p/f/d * listener status possible for h/w communities ***

tue14 & tue21mch: put missing tuesday archives here ...

tue07feb: e-club regular tuesday weekly start-up case presentation and discussion sessions resume at 6pm in 56-114 * our 6-credit tech start-ups at mit seminars, EC.075 in spring-term, resumes today - first class meeting at 7pm-9pm in doc edgerton's old classroom, where the e-club held its first meeting back in c1987 or 1988 (smile) room 4-402 * just a reminder that the club's and our seminars' classes, workshops and clinics are based at mit's edgerton center along doc's `strobe alley' and that all members of the mit community are encouraged to help support the edgerton center, especially its k-12 outreach programmes headed by amy fitzgerald * e-mail amyfitz at mit dot edu -and- and ed moriarty who offers area k-12 kids interested in all things stem & steam his regular week-end activity `the saturday thing' - e-mail mory at mit dot edu - and follow his sci-tech-math k-12 school startup project * mail ed for particulars and the latest news *** more ***

iap - january's independent activities period * archives of e-club & select related activities & memorials go here in some future marathon of writing tightly ***

archives of fall-term-'16 appear below

tue13dec: 6pm-7pm in 56-114 * an e-club discussion with alum SEMYON DUKACH, founder of and numerous other tech companies, now managing director of the boston offices of TECH STARS, and investor in 101 tech start-ups * open only to members of the mit, harvard & wellesley communities *** PLUS! also on tue13dec: 7pm-9pm! END-of-TERM DINNER, joint with our edgerton center seminar students & advisors in EC.074, on tech start-ups * this term it's a POT-LUCK/BYO activity, for a change-of-factors * special guest student case responders are alums SEMYON DUKACH, founder of and numerous other tech companies, now managing director of the boston offices of TECH STARS, and investor in 101 tech start-ups, plus MARK HESSLER '87, ms, the harvard ed school, and more, who is the leader & mentor of the e-club's workshops in presentation skills building * club, seminar & end-of-term dinner is open only to members of the mit, harvard & wellesley communities * 7pm-9pm in 4-402 ***

tue15nov: special demo & discussion session with mit-ilp visiting delegation of tech start-up founders, educators & advisors from wales (u.k.) 6pm-onward in 56-114 *** come talk up your sci, eng, and or tech start-up and help welcome our welsh colleagues ***



tue18oct: OPEN format practice presentation session today * first preference for mit students * be a science, engineering and or technology founder or proto-founder, ie, just-thinking- about creating a start-up * crit & supportive feedback by live audience, in-real-time * nb! e-club sessions are not documented and not streamed * wellesley & harvard students always welcome * faculty, staff & alums also invited and, if time allows, to present and or assist setting up special & demo meetings * stay at 7pm for the e-club's 6-credit tech start-up seminar, listed in the mit course catalogue as ec.074 in fall-term; ec.075 in spring * always a spare seat for new adds; harvard & wellesley x-regs encouraged * office-hours, 4-6pm in lobby-10 * club at 6pm in 56-114 * seminars at 7pm-9pm in 4-402, up at the edgerton center ***

tue04oct: today, OPEN format and /organisational/ meeting, 6pm in 56-114 * brief intros all-'round with president vinnie ramesh (G), course-6, and treasurer jason leibel '20, plus past officers and co-directors as-available - plus new and returning student members and new students interested in sharing their start-up projects and challenges, or often just-nascent-thoughts while we talk about our ongoing work re-organising the club, drafting our updated constitution, and more * if time we'll also review this term's and last's cases headed from club to our 6-credit tech start-up seminar, ec.074 in fall-term & ec.075 in spring, at 7pm in 4-402 * all members of the mit, harvard & wellesley communities are welcome and encouraged to join more formally as regular, weekly, tuesday members in-club and as students for-credit or as listeners in-class ***

tue27sep: wellesley alumna & former mit x-reg'd student sara dickhaus de zarraga brings her harvard innovation lab start-up project to the e-club today for a technical discussion around how the product will work to deter personal physical attackers and summon help * if interested in working on this project, please contact sara directly by e-mail at < > ***

tue20sep: [archive brief presentation summary & discussion here] with new treasurer jason seibel '20, reviews a number of his tech start-up ideas ***

tue13sep: [archive brief presentation summary & discussion here] with new president vinnie ramesh (G), reviews his company]

tue06sep: it's reg-day at the institvte! consider the e-club's 6-credit tech start-up seminar EC.074 for fall term *** (p/f/d) (2-0-4) *** meets tuesdays at 7pm-9pm up in doc edgerton's old classroom at the mit edgerton center 4-402 *** see for details *** co-taught by e-club team sr. lecturer joe hadzima '73 & club co-founder and co-director richard shyduroff, affiliate instructor at the edgerton center, plus tas toby shyduroff and returning seminar & course-6 alum, now (G), also course-6, vinay `vinnie' ramesh, plus a range of other students & alums *** there's a hard-limit of 20 participants, but always a seat for 1 more *** harvard & wellesley x-registered students are encouraged to check us out - bring your school's add-forms to our first class meeting on /next/ tuesday the 13th *** looking forward! ***

select archives of summer-session '16 appear below *** the big news is the e-club is undergoing re-building! and our new student president is course-6 alum vinay `vinnie' ramesh '12, founder of wellframe health information in boston *** our search for a new student treasurer is ongoing (the workload of the treasurer is effectively zero as the e-club does't take funding from mit, and we do not accept funding from outside commercial interests) ***

fri10jun: there shall exist an e-club summer-session! it may not meet regularly or even on tuesdays at 6pm * it may meet in a variety of locations across campus * our summer-sessions often include random, annoyingly- short-notice invitation-only rural and sea-side retreats focused on select case & founder challenges, issues and under-the-radar projects ***

mon13jun: e-club mit alum advisor kurt keville intros boston's city-wide new crowdfunded chapter of the IoT's netherlands-based project at noon in 4-237 as part of the nyc techstar's IoT group information session hosted by the mit bitcoin club ***

tue07jun: put select spring-term '15 archives here ...

tue02feb: office-hours 4pm-6pm in lobby-10 * regular, weekly, 6pm e-club meeting in 56-114 * our 6-credit tech start-up seminar EC.075 first-class-meeting 7pm in 4-402 with advisor joe hadzima '73 and club co-founder and seminar founder richard shyduroff ***

mon01feb: it's reg-day at the institvte! * register for our 6-credit tech start-up seminar: ec.075 * read all about it elsewhere on these pages and check out all the other course, activity, club & outreach offerings on the mit edgerton center homepages at ***

select archives of fall-term '15 appear below ...

tue24nov: club & seminar office-hours 4pm-5:55pm in lobby-10 * OPEN MEETING in club at 6pm-onward in 56-114 * LEGAL CLINIC for TECH START-UPS part-2 w/ JOE HADZIMA - see particulars in last week's posting below ***

tue17nov: our nth annual joint e-club & seminar ec.074 LEGAL CLINIC for TECH START-UPS with sr. lecturer, club & seminar advisor JOE HADZIMA '73 * 7pm in 4-402 * nth year in our long-standing legal clinics series for mit students, faculty, staff & alums * harvard and wellesley communities welcome * bring your student co-founders, advisors, investors and early hires ***

tue10nov: ProtonMail situation update and case review with mit's V. ALEX BRENNAN, engineer at protonmail, one of our start-up seminar ec.075's cases * follow-on video-conf session (to-be-scheduled) with protonmail co-founder ANDY YEN, harvard phd candidate in physics, data scientist at c.e.r.n., cross-registered in our course, and more ***

tue03nov: mit alum & miters member start-up up-date case and discussion with TIM ROBERTSON '11 (course-2) on his diy 3-wheel electric cart kit company * in club at 6pm in 56-114 * later tim joins us in our tech start-up seminar ec.074 at 7pm in 4-402 * topics include naming the company, dealing with i.p. and fund-raising for prototype components ***

tue27oct: the e-club and seminar ec.074 welcomes back ATUL SINGH - founder, ceo & editor-in-chief of Fair Observer - see: - a journal on world affairs - for an evening update of his numerous writing and teaching projects at uc-berkeley, iit (gandhinagar), and, occasionally at mit * 6pm in 56-114 ***

tue20oct: launch-info session for mit's ISN's (institute for soldier nanotechnologies) 13th annual SOLDIER DESIGN COMPETITION 2015 * leader e-club alum advisor capt KURT KEVILLE, course-6 & mit-esd, director of isn special projects and founder of the sdc * 6pm-onward in 56-114 * competition details at ***

tue13oct: [probably] NO regular 6pm club presentation; NO seminar ec.074 tonight * monday's sched of classes ***

tue06oct: welcome back to campus e-club president, networker+++, founder of, author and club alum advisor NETIA McCRAY '13 (physics & political science) just returned from a tour of her projects in the u.s., south africa and south america * stay for an in-depth discussion with netia in seminar ec.074 with our new students and advisor JOE HADZIMA '73, also just returned from weeks-of-travels * in 4-402 at 7pm ***

tue29sep: today's OPEN format meeting featured alum TIM ROBERTSON '10, course-2a, proposing a new [stealth project] * an in-depth business, marketing & technical concepts update & discussion followed with tim in-class at 7pm ***

tue22sep: OPEN meeting featuring small discussion group format with advisors david chandler, toby shyduroff, roth michaels, tim robertson and richard shyduroff ***

tue15sep: office-hours 4pm-6pm in lobby-10 * first e-club meeting of the fall term 6pm-onward in 56-114 * today: welcome visiting tepper mba, former hertz corp financials guy (for select u.s. markets and canada), and currently the finances advisor to a massachusetts-based start-up plant testing lab, and more, ROSS GUTMAN, free agent * followed at 7pm by our first class meeting of our tech start-up seminar ec.074 - the start-up experience at mit - runs to 9pm in 4-402 * registered students and guests may access course materials on mit's stellar site * limited seating for listeners; first pref for mit, harvard & wellesley students - faculty, staff & alums next ***

tue08sep: no office-hours * no e-club * no seminar * it's reg-day at the institvte! * register for our 6-credit tech start-up seminar: ec.074 * read all about it elsewhere on these pages and check out all the other course, activity, club & outreach offerings on the mit edgerton center homepages at ***

brief archive of spring'15 follows ...

just a reminder that the mit e-club is an academic, institvte-wide service organisation, run by an all- volunteer staff of students, faculty, staff & alums * our only cross-registered students are harvards & wellesley women * others should make best use of their own schools' similar service & support orgs - and or - start-up your own campus group! - and or - familiarise yourself with your local municipal & state small business development departments as well as the federal sba (small business administration at * thanks for understanding our plates are totally overflowing with our own regular constituancies ... - r, for the mit e-club-core & mit seminars ec.075 & ec.074 ***

summer-session 2015: there's some growing interest in an e-club summer-session again (no particular theme and no special visiting constituancy, yet) * if enough members of the mit community want the club to offer summer-session meetings (tuesdays at 6pm) let us know as term winds down and we shall see * thanks, - rlds ***

tue19may: no office-hours * no e-club * no seminar * good luck everyone at the institvte and beyond taking final exams this week, and with our demos, end-of-term projects, final papers & re-writes, thesis defences, and putting all our hanging bits & paperwork to bed to enable graduation! - rlds, for the e-club-core & seminars ec.075 & ec.074 ***

tue12may: e-club & seminar ec.075 joint end-of-term dinner with student start-up case research paper oral presentations, crits, discussions & reviews * e-club cases & end-of-term wrap-up at 6-7pm in 56-114 * dinner and papers in seminar at 7pm-9pm in 4-402 * RSVP req'd! send mail to rdshydur at mit dot edu ***

tue05may: PACKED! a special demo meeting of e-club & seminar ec.075 * an evening of mit & visiting tech start-up presentations & crits with 12 visiting high school students of entrepreneurship from HIGH MOWING SCHOOL (a waldorf school located in new hamsphire) lead by mhs reg MIKO CARDENAS -plus- 5 guest presenters from istanbul's tech start-up accelerator at sabanci university lead by director KUTLU KAZANCI -plus- an update on the mit spin-off start-up, an edu tech r&d ngo project by mit alumna founder NETIA McCRAY '13, visiting from her base in south africa * come intro yourself, your cases & project/s and stay for our spring-term dramatic arts & stagecraft for founders workshop with club advisor alum MARK HESSLER '86 (sb, physics & creative writing; ma, harvard ed school; more) * as always, subscribe-to & read your e-club & seminar ec.075 postings, news & updates for more * details here as the date nears ***

tue28apr: special e-club & seminar ec.075 evening of mit tech start-up presentations & crits with visiting tech students of entrepreneurship from the netherland's YES!DELFT STUDENTS group *plus* several founders and investors representing academic, government and business entities in WALES & SCOTLAND, visiting mit this week as guests of the mit-ilp (the mit industrial liaison program) * late additional delegates now from the tech start-up Accelerator at Sabanci University, TURKEY, represented by director KUTLU KAZANCI, plus several mit guests accompanying * read your e-club & seminar ec.075 postings, news & updates for more * details here as the date nears *** nb: bring your own grub & or refreshments or eat earlier or later * we feature this evening only water, a sparse few ginger ales (all at slightly below rm temp) and dry sailors' crackers; we may add bananas at 7pm in seminar ***

tue21apr: patriots' day institvte holiday * no office- hours * no regular weekly tuesday club meeting * no seminar ec.075 class * work hard but catch-up on your sleep ***

tue14apr: special e-club & seminar ec.075 evening of start-up presentations & crits with 20 visiting tech students of entrepreneurship from mexico * read e-club and seminar postings & news for more and details here as the date nears ***

tue07apr: in-seminar ec.075 PART-2 of our tech start-up LEGAL CLINIC with JOE HADZIMA '73 (see details elsewhere in these columns) -plus- tonight's case CarKnow LLC, with founder and mit alum JOSH SIEGEL (course-2 phd candidate) (for more read about josh in these columns) * 7pm-9pm in 4-402 ***

tue07apr: OPEN format meeting, 6pm in 56-114 followed at 7:30pm by a talk & discussion with IEEE president elect BARRY SHOOP on a wide range of the organisation's current and futures work and related activities, plans & programmes * barry is visiting campus this week as part of his regular ambassadorial role * he'll be sharing his `update on IEEE activities, with a particular emphasis on discussing the breadth of contemporary methods and research that have the potential to transform conventional engineering processes.' * e-club host & organiser for this special session is KURT KEVILLE * send kurt queries at keville at mit dot edu ***

tue31mch: 7pm * join us for our occasional joint LEGAL CLINIC for TECH START-UPS with JOE HADZIMA '73 - with seminar ec.075 - at 7pm in 4-402, immediately following the 6pm e-club meeting * open to all members of the mit, harvard & wellesley communities * limited seating! arrive on time! ***

tue31mch: 6pm * OPEN format e-club meeting * see any below OPEN meeting description for more * in 56-114 ***

tue24mch: NO regular, weekly tuesday meeting & NO tech start-up seminar ec.075 this week - mit will be on spring break ***

tue17mch: OPEN FORMAT meeting today at 6pm in 56-114 * bring your ideas and project updates to present and help crit others' talks * we discourage power-point, favoring rather off-the-top-chalk-&-talk-at-the-blackboard-style * your meeting moderator today is YOU! if you're interested in getting your feet wet - and you're an mit, harvard and or wellesley student - you have the floor! plus other regular e-club-core members to provide encouragement ***

tue10mch: OPEN meeting at 6pm-onward in 56-114 *** in seminar ec.075 * alum GREG MOELLER on his new startup - visual search & scientific decision making * greg's start-ups include qd vision, bluefin robotics, and more * see greg's linked-in profile for more * 7pm-9pm in 4-402 *** post-seminar-follow-up: greg introduced us to a new funding model he's using * see Grunt Fund equity allocation at: ***

tue03mch: OPEN meeting at 6pm-onward in 56-114 *** in seminar ec.075 * IDEAS * a discussion with JOE HADZIMA '73 in our tech start-up class ec.075 at 7pm in 4-402 * cases reviewed include dial-a-fish (acq'd as stylus engineering) plus others ***

tue24feb: (tba) ***

tue17feb: today, tuesday, is yesterday's (monday's) sched-of-classes, thus, and alas, no e-club and no seminar * suggested readings this week include the current issue of the kauffman foundation's _thoughtbook 2015_ * see the mit-stellar course ec.075 pages for details and more * have a kerberos identity and mit certificates for access ***

tue10feb: NO regular, weekly, tuesday meeting today due to snow - the institvte is closed - and NO seminar ec.075 - classes cancelled *** <- and right-o, these might be flakes -> ***

tue03feb: OPEN FORMAT meeting today at 6pm in 56-114 * bring your ideas and project updates to present and help critique others' talks * we discourage pp favoring rather off-the-top! chalk-and-talk style! at the blackboard * your meeting moderator today is SASHA SHYDUROFF (G) course-11 plus other regular e-club-core members as-available * nb: no formal office-hours today ***

nb: to schedule your tuesday 6pm presentation in 56-114 contact e-club officers: president THOMAS DELGADO '15, co-treasurers SASHA SHYDUROFF (G) and or former pres JOSH SIEGEL '10,'11 (now G) and or club & seminar factotum TOBY SHYDUROFF at e-club-officers at mit dot edu * be an mit, harvard and or wellesley student, faculty, staff and or alum! * thanks! ***

tue03feb: pending so-called aftermath of wx conditions we resume regular, weekly, tuesday meetings tomorrow, tue03feb in room 56-114 at 6pm-onward * the first class meeting of our tech start-up seminar ec.075 is also tomorrow, tuesday, at 7pm up in 4-402, doc edgerton's old classroom * a note above next about our seminars * you can always read about them elsewhere on these pages or better, look over all the great class & seminar offerings on the academic pages of ***

side-bar: has participating in our joint e-club and seminars ec.074/ec.075 legal clinics for tech start-ups with joe hadzima whetted your appetite for more? on-behalf-of sloan sr lecturer JOHN AKULA, re 15.618 - Law & Technology Entrepreneurship * John Akula, Senior Lecturer in Law * mondays 4pm-7pm in e62-233 * first class meeting mon09feb * nb: p/d/f is an option * sloan bidding proc NOT req'd! * no class size limit - all welcome! * details beyond syllabus at: ***

brief archive of iap'15 appears below ...

the e-club goes on its own month-long field trip right on the mit campus to enjoy the fabulous offerings of others during IAP * check out for courses, activities, workshops and a wide variety of resources many of which are invaluable to students and alums even just thinking about starting-up new science, engineering & technology companies * a few select suggestions & reminders, plus additional thots on iap here here as iap moves right along ***

reminder - 2 sessions remain this week of joe hadzima's nuts & bolts of innovation & business plans * details at the course (3-credits) site * joe's been offering the nuts & bolts series for 26years, in parallel with the venerable mit 100k competition, since we founded it as the 10k, way-back-when * with alum joost bonsen and a variety of tas ***

archives of fall-term-'14 appear below ...

welcome to fall term '14 - we meet this term back in small lecture hall 56-114 at 6pm; our 6-credit tech seminar EC.074 meets at 7pm up in room 4-402, right after e-club. as always, and for 26 & 21 years both club & seminar meet on tuesdays * join us! ***

tue09dec: joint END-of-TERM DINNER with our tech start-up seminar EC.074 students - 7pm in 4-402 *** at 6pm in 56-114 e-club special returning case REX COMPUTING with founder and thiel fellow THOMAS SOHMERS and co-founder e-club advisor KURT KEVILLE of the mit-isn and founder of the mit soldier design competition * expect a critical discussion of the thiel programme *** also, ATUL SINGH, founder of the online international journal FAIR OBSERVER, for which some of us serve as advisors * welcome back thomas and atul! *** our end-of-term TAKE-a-STUDENT-to-DINNER is cheap! at $10-per-mouth * bring your check books or cash and be an mit spin-off company or alum or both but be in-good-standing with the e-club * you know what this means * no exceptions! ***

tue02dec: our LEGAL CLINIC PART-2 w/JOE HADZIMA '73 * see entry of tue18nov for details ***

tue25nov: our joint occasional DRAMATIC ARTS WORKSHOP for tech start-up founders & presenters with alum advisor MARK HESSLER '87 (physics & writing); ms/harvard ed school; more * in seminar ec.074 at 7pm in 4-402 ***

tue18nov: our joint occasional LEGAL CLINIC for tech start-ups with alum JOE HADZIMA '73 (course-11;sloan-mba; jd-harvard-law;more) at 7pm in 4-402 with seminar ec.074 * for tech start-ups as-practiced at the institvte and under u.s. law * details forthcoming ***

tue11nov: HOLIDAY! NO office-hours, NO e-club meeting, and NO seminar class today in honor of veterans' day ***

tue04nov: review of mit taking first prize at the singapore-based robot-x competition by e-club advisor & competition entrant v. alex brennen, with commentary by e-club advisor- consultant capt kurt keville, usma, course-6, esd, founder of the mit-isn soldier design competition & more; review of e-club past president josh siegel '11 & phd candidate (all-course-2) founder of CarKnow, llc, $25k winner of the mass challenge '14 MASS-IT prize & more ***

tue28oct: OPEN/DEMO meeting for 5 visiting chilean students representing 3 tech start-ups in the mit-sloan-latin-america AJI CHALLENGE * welcome them and bring your new or ongoing cases * help generate feedback & crits * 6pm in club in 56-114 * more in seminar ec.074 at 7pm in 4-402 * details & more soon ***

tue21oct: come bring your ongoing & new tech start-up cases to briefly present to visiting alum, professor dr. JEAN-JACQUES DEGROOF, phd, a belgium-based finance & technology educator & investor visiting mit this week as he researches history, cases, founders and original source material for his new book on entrepreneurship, as-practiced at the institvte * read * and his profile on linked-in * stay at 7pm for more as we have him also in seminar ec.074 for the evening and plan to learn more about his project while we introduce our students and their own start-up cases & research * 7pm in 4-402 ***

tue14oct: OPEN meeting today! send your case abstract and remember, NO IP! plus brief bio-sketch to e-club-officers at mit dot edu * be mit, harvard and or wellesley * don't plan to present anything mlm, stealth wax or pet rocks ***

tue07oct: case update MBadika! with founder and club president NETIA McCRAY '14 * Mbadika is an mit spin-off nfp/ngo/edu-technologies start-up focussing on africa * we'll be joined today by former club president and co- founder of mit's course-zero automation (with former club president Josh Seigel '11,'13 & currently a phd candidate (all course-2) Ted Blackman '10 (course-8) and club alum advisor Cody Daniel '11 (course-2), master chief engineer at 3Scan, where ted designs and develops software * 6pm-onward in 56-114 * with ongoing luck josh will also join us for this mini-reunion and i hope all will also join us in our tech start-up seminar ec.074 at 7pm in 4-402 ***

tue30sep: case update BOUNCE IMAGING with founder FRANCISCO AGUILAR, sloan & hks '12, harvard '05 * bounce is 3D imaging for first responders & otr leos and mil-spec * affordable, throwable 3d cameras & sensors * case reading: ***

tue23sep: was an e-club OPEN format meeting with a couple of 2nd year hbs student visitors, plus an intro of her work in advising & investing-in tech start-ups with princeton & sloan alum NINA LYTTON * in seminar ec.074 we had surprise visits from the media lab's senior scientist dr HENRY LIEBERMAN, phd, course-6 & mit-esg alum, and most recently of the media lab CHRIS `FRY' FRY, a senior software developer and computer language inventor and developer * NINA LYTTON also joined us ***

tue16sep: our newest start-up case!, 6pm in 56-114 with alum founders CARA MAE CIRIGNANO (wellesley,mit,yale) & JASON ABALUCK (harvard,mit,yale) looking for critical feedback, a cto-co-founder, and a web developer plus possible otr new hires * in-depth follow-on in seminar ec.074 at 7pm in 4-402 ***

tue09sep: cases being presented today in our start-of- fall-term's OPEN format meeting include columbia & harvard alumna GALIT SCHWARTZ, founder of a new and unique combined coffee house & start-up work space to be designed & operated by physically & developmentally challenged user-clients in the boston area * potential sites include brookline, newton and cambridge *** also, KURT KEVILLE of mit's isn, and the director of special projects there, drops by to brief us on this year's 11th annual soldier design competition *** mit e-club-core & members will conduct a long moment of silence for e-club member & founder of the hope elephant project, our large animal vet in maine, best friend & good neighbor dr. JIM LAURITA, dvm, who was this morning found dead in rosie & opal's elephant barn, apparently of a fall against a concrete walkway surrounding the heated sand therapy area * further than this we know not * read the projects' pages at and on the org's fb pages * this has left us speechless ***

to schedule your presentation contact e-club officers: pres NETIA McCRAY '13, co-treasurer & officer-at-large THOMAS DELGADO '15, and or former pres JOSH SIEGEL '10,'11 (and now G) at e-club-officers at mit dot edu *** be an mit, harvard or wellesley student, faculty, staff and or alum! *** thanks! ***

archives of spring term 14 appear below ...

tue13may14: members of the mit, harvard & wellesley communities welcome to our end-of-term take-a-student-to-dinner final session of the year * hear, crit, meet & dine with our tech start-up seminar's final case discussions with tatiana smirnova (st petersburg, skolkova & mit) founder of and andy yen (caltech, harvard, cern & mit) founder of * 7pm-onward in 4-402 * e-club 6pm case in 56-154 tbd * rsvp and cc please ***

tue06may14: alum JEREMY SHER '99, currently a harvard divinity school candidate and e-club advisor,mentor today presents his start-up, a combined communities `third place - maker space 6 days a week with a building open all week including a cafe (which has worked well for the isbcc mosque in boston) where people could come with laptops or just to hang out plus a wood shop to make ritual objects and personal projects and a bike repair station * the goal is to make the space busy and fun * services would be open to all and religious education would disrupt currently held assumptions about what sunday school needs to be' 6pm-onward in 56-154 ***

tue29apr: CarKnow case update! with founder alum JOSH SIEGEL '11,'13, phd candidate in course-2, co-founder course-zero automation, former e-club president * 6pm in 56-154 * followed at 7pm in 4-402 by our occasional joint e-club & seminar LEGAL CLINIC FOR TECH START-UPS, with mit sr. lecturer JOE HADZIMA '73, also of H-law, sloan, more * of-counsel at the boston firm sullivan & worcester, founder of main street partners, i.p. vision, and more * if a large enough turnout we'll stay in 56-154 * case sched updates here as presenters respond to open meeting rfp ***

tue22apr: no regular e-club and no seminar class today * mit holiday - no classes * have fun and be safe everyone! ***

tue15apr: new edu start-up case with founder CHRISTIAN PECAUT in club and in seminar this evening * pecaut is a stanford alum, former p.h.s. teacher in philly, and starting in fall a masters candidate at u-chicago * welcome christian ***

tue08apr: e-club OPEN meeting this evening; seminar ec.075 to-be-re-scheduled ***

tue01apr: case update with course-6 alum STEVE SHOAP * a digital control system of hoses and valves for remotely, safely fighting wildfires * demo video at * come hear, meet & crit steve at 6pm-onward in 56-154 * nb: steve's previous presentation bits awarded patents ***

tue25mch: no meetings, seminars or office-hours this week * have fun, productive + safe so-called spring-breaks everyone! ***

tue18mch: [missing report re andy yen (harvard physics phd candidate and x-reg'd student in our tech start-up seminar ec.075) on his & co-founders' start-up - (also a semi-finalist entry in the current mit 100k competition) - go-to to register as a beta-tester level user * this new secure swiss-based e-mail service goes live ~14april ***

tue11mch: new case!, with co-founder CATHY CAO '13 (course-15) * come hear & meet cathy and share your beta-user feedback on this mit service, a potentially very-large-scale `societal utility' - GEOSOCIAL.IO - a new mit real-time, web- based, event-locator, mapping & comment service that `aims to fill the "societal information gap" in the world' * we'll meet co-founder RAFAEL MENDIOLA (course-6) on another tue, date tbd ***

tue04mch: welcome sloan senior lecturer STEVE SPEAR who will bring us 3 new start-up cases in-search-of student collaborators & co-founders * concepts include a see-to-solve real-time alert system; easing warrior re-entry; and social media marketing for the little guy * 6pm-onward in 56-154 ***

[february spring-term tuesday reports missing here]

fall-term'13 archives include:

fri06dec: go hear & meet alum JIM HAMILTON in d.c. TODAY! at the policy studies organisation's annual DUPONT SUMMIT; pdf of jim's abstract at:

[some tuesday reports missing here]

sun17nov: e-club new start-up case founder alum JIM HAMILTON's National Spent (nuclear) Fuel Collaborative launches $250k fundraising campaign via e-club regulars, core, advisors & friends club lists this morning * see for mission statement, backgrounders, who's-who & latest news & support, and how to donate! ***

tue05nov: INDIEGOGO! an indiegogo workshop session in e-club with Bre DiGiammarino * 6pm in 56-114 * includes pizza dinner & refreshments * `revealing the secrets to successful crowdfunding; learn how to set up your campaign, grow your network of supporters and bring in support to build your product, launch your business, while getting the most out of the indiegogo platform' ***

tue29oct: special session on managing in diversity with e-club president Netia McCray '12 (course-17) founder of - tonight's case update - 6pm-onward in 56-114 ***

tue22oct: OPEN meeting today! bring your sci, eng, tech start-up ideas & updates and help demo the e-club for visiting JOHN HAYDEN, founder, toronto's n100 $100k tech start-up competition * see * 6pm in 56-114 ***

sun20oct: SEAN COLLIER FUND T-SHIRT SALES! at the e-club table at the final MIT FLEA/SWAPFEST of the season! starts in just a few hours - open 9am-to-2pm - bring your checkbooks! make checks payable to `THE SEAN COLLIER FUND' * plus e-club & seminar office-hours 6am-2pm * plus bern dibner titles! new, out-of-print, on the history of science, engineering & technology, plus our own art & craft * book, art & craft sales benefit the activities of the e-club ***

tue15oct: mit holiday - sleep just a bit more, maybe ***

tue08oct: course-2 alum FREDERICK MOORE '13 returned to expand on his intro last week of work he and partner course-2 JEREMY deGUZMAN '14 have been doing in 3D prototyping for the future manufacturing of rare, sometimes- impossible-to-find antique motorcycle parts * a name for this new enterprise has yet to be chosen * 6pm-onward in 56-114; no office-hours & no formal sem ec.074 this evening * new sci, eng & tech start-up project briefings invited at all e-club case presentation sessions - just show up! first pref for mit students, then faculty, staff & alums; others not harvard or wellesley by pre-filter & invite ***

tue01oct ... FREDERICK MOORE '13 at 6pm * in seminar at 7pm alum JIM HAMILTON, tpp, founder of SPENTFUEL.ORG, a nfp research & education policy foundation the mission of which is to increase the probability of doing something with this country's spent nuclear fuel * this is a policy start-up challenge, not a technology project ***

tue24sep: e-club & seminar go on a field trip over to KEN ZOLOT's class (founder's journey 6.933) in 32-123 qt 7pm to hear & meet EBEN UPTON, creator of RaspberryPi ***

tue17sep ...

tue10sep: e-club OPEN meeting with several new people & new projects! ***

fall-term'13 bits, notes & updates follow:

e-club office-hours, club start-up presentations, feedback & crit sessions & discussions return on tue10sep at 5 & 6pm in 56-114, and our 6-credit tech start-up seminar EC.074 at 7pm up in doc edgerton's old classroom at the edgerton center room 4-402 * an updated listing of returning & new, incoming student officers & alum advisors plus new incoming & returning student & alum cases to-be-posted here over the next couple of weeks, plus many new readings! * for seminar details see course EC.074 on the reg's pages and on the edgerton center courses page * looking forward! ***

news from summer-session '13 ...

tue20aug: the mit e-club & our seminars are on-break! NO e-club office-hours, NO regular tuesday session & NO seminar today-thru-reg-day-tue03sep! ... a safe & sane balance of summer everyone! *** be seeing you all on tue10sep! ***

tue13aug: summer-session'13 is, alas, completed and our 28 visting singaporean u/g engineering students have returned to sg and their home base, s.u.t.d. campus for start of their own new term ***

[review of our final summer-session presentations and discussions of tue06aug with e-club sloan student members incoming & returning, plus a sloan fellow member, plus parting words from our sutd students go here] ***

on tue30jul the e-club started on the early side at 5:30pm in 16-160 with a special session new case start-up presented by alum JEREMY SHER '99 (see more below under tue16th) on another of his current efforts: an online gay dating site in-part-response-to the perceived failures of all else available to this particular market cohort ***

at 6:30pm we heard from sutd students discussing their views on their experiences at mit this summer and on what they've learned about creating tech start-ups since they've been with us for 7 weeks ***

at 7pm-9pm our guest presenter was alum JONATHAN NAIMON '83, (course-17-a, physical-biology) founder & president of LIGHT GREEN ADVISORS - see: ... (more as tuesday nears) plus, we may also enjoy a surprise visit from a quite interesting if hard-to-sched mit alumna (tba)a who served as assistant director of the mit t.l.o. for many years and who is a world-class expert in i.p., patents & licensing and the funding of mit start-ups ***

the e-club & seminar took a break on tue23jul to afford our 28 visting sutd students some >4pm overtime in the lab & shop with mit-sutd instructor course-2's charles guan ***

on tue16jul we hosted alum MARK HESSLER '87, physics & creative writing (21-a) and harvard school of education '89, conducting his always exciting occasional e-club theater arts & stage craft workshop for improving presentation & demo skills, followed by alum JEREMY SHER '99 (currently a harvard divinity school candidate & serving as the resident advisor at mit's PIKA independent living group) presenting his views on ethics, conflict & dispute resolution for tech start-ups ***

previously on tue09jul in club & seminar we enjoyed updates from former club president JOSH SIEGEL '11,'13 & '16 (phd expected) co-founder of course zero automation, cloudcar, carknow, and more * see * and DAVID EPSTEIN, bard college of simons rock, founder & former pres of javanet, rcn-internet, ceo connecticut telephone, broadvoice, hartford car & driver, free conference pro, and epstein associates,ig * see ***

on tue02jul13 in club our sutd students & mit regulars welcomed mit's DAVID SHRIER for his talk & discussion: "Stranger in a Strange Land: Corporate Entrepreneurship" & a pilot financials clinic *** on tue25jun we enjoyed new e-club case BIO-BEHAVIORAL DIAGNOSTICS, with co-founder dr NIKOS FOURLIGAS, phd, of tufts university & mclean hospital; later in seminar we enjoyed JOE HADZIMA '73 leading our occasional TECH START-UP LEGAL CLINIC ***

our ongoing 8 week summer-session this year is devoted to hosting 28 visiting singaporean undergrad engineering students from the singapore university of technology & design - the s.u.t.d. - first e-club introductory case session meets tue 18 jun at 6pm in 16-160; a non-credit version of our tech start-up seminars meets immediately after at 7pm-9pm in 56-114; all members of the mit, harvard, sutd & wellesley communities welcome to all sessions! ***

recently -> wed12jun - the e-club hosted the annual n.e. avios chapter meeting & talk with alum dr. DARYUSH MEHTA, phd: TOWARD THE DETECTION OF VOICE DISORDERS USING A SMARTPHONE PLATFORM * details at * early-bird f2f chat & networking 5-6:30pm, talk & discussion 6:30p–8:30p in 3-333 * co-organised with e-club advisor & alum nancy gardner, msvs'81, senior vui-designer, more ...

at graduation mit welcomed alum DREW HOUSTON '05, this year's commencement speaker! drew was active in the club and seminar, and went on to found dropbox * search terms for more and read ***

recent news - tue14may * all welcome THOMAS SOHMERS, our youngest regular member at 17 (active since ~13) and winner of a 2013 thiel 20-under-20 $100k 2-year fellowship! come warmly congratulate thomas in this special meeting at 6pm in 56-154, hear him relate his mit-isn soldier design competition experiences working under e-club advisor captain kurt keville (usma;mit;mit) and his thiel competition experience, and describe his new summer project

NEW! during summer-session'13 the club will help mit host 28 visiting singaporean s.u.t.d. u/g students, offering them our generally fun, informal presentation & practice venue with new tech start-up case founders to hear, meet & crit every week, and in additional depth after every meeting in our summer-session version of our tech startup seminars at 7pm * come join us this week and help programme a very busy summer! summer office-hours, 5-6pm & club meeting, 6-7pm happen in room 16-160; tech startup seminar, 7-9pm back in small lecture hall 56-114 ***

regular, weekly, tuesday meetings any-term start at 6pm * default location 56-114 * come share your science, engineering, technology, bio-x, pharma or med start-up thinking and help generate constructive feedback and crit for others' new or ongoing works *** welcome! wellesley & harvard students, and other members of those communities! ***

to schedule your presentation contact e-club officers: pres NETIA McCRAY '13, co-treas & officers-at-large THOMAS DELGADO '15 and or former pres JOSH SIEGEL '10,'11 (and now G) at e-club-officers at mit dot edu ***

readings for any term tech start-up seminar (6-credit EC.074 & EC.075) always begin with _THE ATLANTIC CABLE_ by BERN DIBNER * all articles, columns & papers on tech start-ups & related topics by our faculty advisor senior lecturer JOE HADZIMA '73 at * much more on joe's site * LOUIS BRANDEIS' OTHER PEOPLES' MONEY (1914) * the mit alum class news section of every issue of TECHNOLOGY REVIEW for leads to many newly founded mit start-ups * there's no required textbook, but we do a metric ton of reading! *** see you in class! ***

one special new non-profit education & research start-up case last year and ongoing: THE HOPE ELEPHANT PROJECT in the town of HOPE, MAINE! with founders dr. JIM LAURITA (dvm) and TOM LAURITA, plus an array of collaborators from maine high school students to world-class large animal rescue specialists, advisors, fundraisers and more; come visit our elephants ROSIE and OPAL! during any of our e-club rural retreat working weekends at rockport harbor or brooks village and we'll visit these two of our first adoptees! ***

to sched summer-session additional office-hours contact e-club-officers at mit dot edu *** you may also find us at THE MIT FLEA (3rd sunday, 6am-2pm, april-thru-october) ***

e-club page design by david sirkin '92,'92,'98,'00 - currently at stanford *** first-ever e-club web page designed by joost bonsen '92,'06, now a lecturer at the media lab ***

send comments, suggestions & crits to rdshydur at mit dot edu ***


our spring 6-credit seminar EC.075 (formerly sem.095) now in its 23nd year, is currently offered under the auspices of mit's edgerton center's academics as Starting Up New Technology-Based Business Enterprises at MIT * (2-0-4) (p/d/f) Tuesdays at 7-9p in 4-402 with our faculty advisor senior lecturer JOE HADZIMA, and myself, e-club co-fndr & co-dir RICHARD SHYDUROFF, an affiliate instructor at the edgerton center; read more and about all edgerton center courses & seminars at * nb: this is, technically, an u/g seminar, but all graduate students are welcome to take our course for-credit with permission of their advisors * limited seats for listeners! *** during fall-term'14 we offer part-1 of `tech startups at mit' - now re-numbered EC.074 (formerly seminar ec.s02; earlier sem.089) and bearing the new title: THE START-UP EXPERIENCE at MIT * 6-credits (2-0-4) tue7pm in doc's old classroom 4-402 - ref the Edgerton Center, new course also numbered ec.074 * our ongoing thanks to prof KIM VANDIVER, asst reg WAYNE JOHNSON and his staff, the ec's outreach co-ordinator AMYFITZ, and dean DONNA FRIEDMAN for all their help making this happen! and to the Committee on Curriculum for its decision to keep the e-club's start-up seminars going on a for-credit basis! *** IAP '13! every january for 25 years our faculty advisor JOE HADZIMA '73, founder of, among other mit spin-offs IPVISION (see below) offers his 3-credit class: NUTS & BOLTS OF NEW VENTURES/B-PLANS, 15.S21, formerly mit course 15.975; details at: * it meets on tue-wed-thu nights during the last 2 weeks of iap, thus e-club meetings are -re-sched'd around those dates * the nuts & bolts calendar, req's and syllabus are at: * joe also offers us his patent analytics visualisation software to try at the site: easily reachable via this widget /
*** promised end-of-term updates coming include: late rave reviews, with tons of pictures, covering our 3 recent PETER MUI '86 FIXIT CLINICS, kindly hosted by the mit EDGERTON CENTER, with invaluable guidance by the ec's great technical instructors TONY CALOGGERO and ED MORIARTY '76 - should be up over the mem day weekend; also a review of the club's first independently launched IPO, with alum, club member and advisor SEMYON DUKACH founder of SMTP.COM - which may be followed on the site - watch SMTP *** are you an mit student or otherwise affiliated with CSAIL? request membership in the new CSAIL ENTREPRENEURS group! * regular, weekly, friday meetings are at 2pm in stata-by-gehry up in the STAR ROOM (aka: the 32-D463 seminar room) * search terms or send mail to ALBORZ GERAMIFARD agf at mit dot edu for particulars and or look for the group on fb *** for this plus related occasional news and intel, read your e-club nearly-daily-postings and irregularly published newsletter! learn who's presenting what and when in tuesday 6pm e-club meetings; stay up-to-date with our seminar cases and readings and special events and retreats heads-ups! plus, late (often very late) reminders of related on-campus happenings, and more! like we recently re-launched seminar ec.075's stellar course site pages and are slowly building-it-out with more current and historical suggested materials for reading and research and participation * see: ***