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Educational Transformation through Technology at MIT
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Project Gallery

High Speed Imaging for Physical Education

Uses advanced high-speed imaging techniques to create new Physical Education teaching tools and methods, and new hands-on undergraduate research opportunities. Includes real-time feedback, a library of instructional imagery, and analysis of physical skills and techniques.


Creates "huggable" robotic companions with sensate skin for use as pet or animal therapy with children and the elderly. The robots are currently teddy bears that respond to human touch and voice commands.


Provides a platform for a suite of Web-based wireless sensors designed as teaching instruments in diverse fields, enabling students to study a vast array of phenomena.


Drives students to create genetically engineered machines, allowing for hands-on learning and collaboration in the field of synthetic biology. The iGEM Jamboree is an annual collegiate competition.


Delivers an electronic laboratory notebook using the Tablet PC platform to help scientists in their daily work of acquiring, storing and distributing information.


Gives students the educational benefits of hands-on experimentation via online access to a remote laboratory anywhere, at any time. The current phase focuses on advancing a stable, sustainable software infrastructure that labs can share anywhere in the world, currently in place in Uganda and Tanzania.


Studies resource discovery in highly decentralized systems. After entering a personal profile and scheduling information, users can locate specific resources, such as the nearest available study partner or a faculty member seeking research assistants.


Replaces traditional college writing placement exams and end-of-the-year comprehensive assessments, by allowing for students to take these timed tests online from their own homes.

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