Electron-Ion Collider Collaboration Meeting


This collaboration meeting follows the recent international EIC advisory committee meeting at Jefferson Lab (EICAC), the EIC collaboration meeting at Stony Brook University, and a series of Jefferson Lab User workshops during the Spring of 2010. It is thus an important step towards the next EICAC and the EIC-related INT program at the University of Washington in Seattle in the fall of 2010. Furthermore, it comes at an exciting time of more maturing accelerator designs at both BNL and JLab. At this meeting we will learn about and discuss:

  1. Various ongoing activities and progress on physics simulations
  2. Recent progress on EIC machine design
  3. Reports from recent workshops and conferences and on future meetings under consideration
  4. NSAC Long Range Plan and planning for the next one in 2012/13

The meeting is planned for July 29-31, 2010, and will be held at The Catholic University of America. On the first day we will meet in the Edward J. Pryzbyla University Center, the second day in the Caldwell Auditorium, and on the third day we will be in Hannan Hall (see the campus map for building locations).

For more information about this meeting please contact:

      Tanja Horn