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Program Benefits

MIT undergraduates are among the brightest in the country and can make a real contribution to a company's activities while they serve their internship. The relationships built among the students, faculty, administration and company representatives lead to long-term benefits on all sides. The participating firms consistently give high ratings to the MIT students' talents and contributions.

The program culminates with a combined BS-MS degree which requires the preparation of a thesis. The thesis is designed to be written on a topic of interest related to their work assignment. The thesis is often done at the company site after the student's senior year. The student has four years of MIT education and extensive experience in the firm's activities. This long relationship, coupled with the combined supervision of company staff and an MIT faculty member, supplies a measurable contribution to the project goals and objectives of the firm.

The EIP is an asset to a firm's overall recruitment program. The company has a chance to evaluate the students over time, and make decisions regarding permanent positions. The EIP becomes a strong source of talented employees who understand the company's culture, values and mission. The program reduces the risk and cost associated with hiring employees or recruiting them through employment services.

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Company Oversight

Company Policy Contact is a senior executive within the company who will oversee the EIP. This individual's role is most important in the review of policy and financial issues related to the program's operation at the company site. The ideal policy contact would be a senior executive involved in R & D / technical decision making.

Company Coordinator is the primary liaison between the company and the MIT faculty and administration. This individual is involved with the recruitment, placement and retention of the students during the program. Administrative program fees, faculty travel, and student issues are the responsibility of the company coordinator. This person is often a human resources director and is the primary liaison with the MIT EIP Director.

Student's Supervisor is responsible for the content, level and review of the student's work. Each student is assigned a primary supervisor for each rotation. The supervisor submits reports on a regular basis to the MIT faculty and the EIP office on the student's progress and experience. This individual hosts the MIT faculty member during summer visits and interacts with the thesis supervisor during the intern's graduate year.

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Student Compensation

Students are paid during their periods of employment at the participating companies. While salary levels are a matter of negotiation between student and company, it is expected that salaries will be consistent with those paid to permanent staff members of comparable experience levels and abilities in the participating companies. It is also expected that a company will fund each student's travel from MIT to the company at the beginning of each assignment and his or her travel back to MIT at the end of the assignment.

EIP Fellowship
Students usually enter the graduate phase of the Engineering Internship Program during their senior year. By that time, the senior will have worked at a company for two summers and secured admission to the MIT graduate school. The student returns to the company in the summer and fall terms to conduct masters thesis research. In lieu of salary for the fall term, the company funds a fellowship which includes tuition for one term and a stipend that, at minimum, matches an on-campus Research Assistantship. This fellowship provides an additional incentive for students to stay with the program by considerably reducing the financial burden of their graduate year.

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