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Please read our Special Issue where we introduce e-lab's new home, the Laboratory For Energy and the Environment (LFEE). The LFEE was formed on July 1, 2001, when MIT merged the Energy Laboratory with the Center for Environmental Initiatives, thus strengthening its commitment to tackling energy and environmental problems that cross disciplinary boundaries. The bulletin e-lab is now published at the following site:
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The bulletin e-lab is published quarterly and presents findings from Energy Laboratory and related research at MIT. Each issue describes two or three research projects in language appropriate for the nonspecialist. Also included are selected news items and a list of new publications by Laboratory and other MIT researchers working in energy-related areas. The most recent issues accessible on the web are:

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If you would like to be notified when a new issue of e-lab is posted here, to receive paper copies of e-lab on a regular basis, or to receive copies of past issues, please send us your e-mail address and/or your name and mailing address. Respond to Nancy Stauffer <stauffer@MIT.EDU>.

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