School of Engineering - Infinite Mile Awards


Nomination Procedures

For 2009, the nomination process for the School of Engineering's Infinite Mile Awards program will require unit heads, or their deignates, to coordinate the nomination process for their units. We encourage each unit to nominate one person or team. Larger units may nominate up to three people. We especially encourage units that have not participated actively in the IMA program to consider nominating people this year.

Individuals who have won IMAs in the past are eligible to receive awards this year. The nomination should, of course, be based on the individual's recent contributions. Unit heads might want to consider nominating past team award winners for individual IMAs this year.

Nominations should take the form of a single letter or email. The unit head's nomination may quote from others, but it should be the only one submitted. (Multiple letters, memoranda, or email messages on behalf of any one nominee are unecessary and may slow down the selection process.)

All nominations are due to Donna Savicki by March 30, 2009.

Our Infinite Mile Awards Celebration will be held on Wednesday, April 29 at 3:00 PM in the Grier Room.

Staff are encouraged to check with the AO in the relevant DLC headquarters regarding their deadline for community input to the nomination process. If you wish to suggest someone for an IMA but are not sure which unit head would coordinate the nomination, please contact Eileen Ng-Ghavidel in the Dean's Office.