MIT Faculty Newsletter  
contents Vol. XVI No. 5
April / May 2004

This issue features a Faculty Policy Committee white paper on the representation of minorities on the faculty and in the graduate student body, a report on research at the Haystack Observatory (pictured below), and an article on security on campus by the director of security.

walking in snow
Leadership, Management, and Education at MIT
Tom Eagar reflects on what makes MIT the leader it is, and how to keep it that way.
MIT's Not-So-Green Buildings
Leon Glicksman and Les Norford comment on the environmental efficacy of two of our new buildings.
From the Faculty Chair
FPC Statement on Representation of Minorities
Rafael L. Bras
In the last Faculty Newsletter, I discussed issues related to faculty governance. In that article I wrote: "The Faculty Policy Committee, the over-arching committee in the . . .
Leadership, Management, and Education at MIT
Thomas W. Eagar
The world looks to MIT for leadership. And this leadership is not limited to science and technology, as was demonstrated forcefully several years ago . . .
Update on Women Faculty in the Sloan School of Management
Lotte Bailyn
Since the last report from the Schools in 2001, there has been a small change in the number of women at Sloan.
Update on Women Faculty in the
School of Architecture and Planning
Terry Knight
In 2001, the Committee on Women Faculty in the School of Architecture and Planning completed its report on the status of women faculty. That same year, the provost . . .
Research at MIT
The MIT/WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography
and Applied Ocean Science and Engineering
Paola Rizzoli
How many people at the Institute know that MIT, together with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, has what has been defined as "the top graduate . . .
Research at MIT
The Picower Center for Learning and Memory
Susumu Tonegawa
Neuroscience today is on the cusp of a great adventure. The tools of the field have advanced rapidy in the past few years, and the big research questions have been . . .
MIT's Not-So-Green New Buildings
Leon Glicksman and Les Norford
There have been recent articles about the Stata building in The New York Times and Technology Review, describing it as one of the new green buildings in Cambridge.
MIT Poetry
Mauled Illusionist Goes Home
Jean Monahan
– Roy Horn, trainer and illusionist, attacked by his own white tiger at the Las Vegas Mirage hotel.
MIT Poetry
Jean Monahan
In the end, somebody always has to look. / No matter the risk, the worrying fear, someone has to stand at the door, seeing for herself what's there.
Research at MIT
Haystack Observatory
Joseph E. Salah
Haystack Observatory is a multidisciplinary research center engaged in radio astronomy, geodesy, and upper atmospheric physics.
The Changing Environment of Scholarly Communication: Challenges and Opportunities for Faculty
Ann J. Wolpert and Markus Zahn
The Faculty Committee on the Library System has been monitoring changes in the pricing and distribution business practices of scholarly journals . . .
Security on the MIT Campus
John DiFava
Since the terrorist attacks, there has been an important shift in people's attitudes toward security measures, because the need for them is much clearer now.
OpenCourseWare Update
Beyond the Anecdotes
Steven R. Lerman
When MIT first announced OpenCourseWare in April 2001, it was just an idea – an informed leap of faith that it would be the right thing to do and that it would advance . . .
My Experience with the Artist-in-Residence Program
Erik D. Demaine
Back in November I had the pleasure of hosting sculptor/mathematician/computer scientist George W. Hart through the MIT Office of the Arts' Artist-in-Residence . . .
M.I.T. Numbers
Faculty Satisfaction [From the Faculty Survey 2004]