MIT Faculty Newsletter  
Vol. XVI No. 5
April / May 2004
FPC Statement on
Representation of Minorities
Leadership, Management,
and Education at MIT
Update on Women Faculty in the
Sloan School of Management
Update on Women Faculty in the
School of Architecture and Planning
The MIT/WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography and Applied Ocean Science and Engineering
The Picower Center for
Learning and Memory
MIT's Not-So-Green New Buildings
Mauled Ilusionist Goes Home
Haystack Observatory
The Changing Environment of Scholarly Communication: Challenges and Opportunities for Faculty
Security on the MIT Campus
Beyond the Anecdotes
My Experience with the
Artist-in-Residence Program
Faculty Satisfaction
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MIT Poetry


Jean Monahan

In the end, somebody always has to look.

No matter the risk, the worrying fear,
someone has to stand at the door,
seeing for herself what's there.

                     It was high morning and the gate
swung open and near. The heat was in her hair
and she could have done anything else but turn:
call to her husband and
daughters, swoon.

                            She could have used her
imagination but she chose instead to bear
witness to the things of this earth, evil or good.
Nameless, she stood watching
                                                            as the heavens fell
on Sodom's sleeping sinners, knowing herself
a neighbor to sin, if not a sinner. Nameless

because, according to the ancient code
a witness gives up her identity,
becomes the thing she witnesses,
because, by blameless witnessing,
                                                              blames us.

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