MIT Faculty Newsletter  
Vol. XVI No. 5
April / May 2004
FPC Statement on
Representation of Minorities
Leadership, Management,
and Education at MIT
Update on Women Faculty in the
Sloan School of Management
Update on Women Faculty in the
School of Architecture and Planning
The MIT/WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography and Applied Ocean Science and Engineering
The Picower Center for
Learning and Memory
MIT's Not-So-Green New Buildings
Mauled Ilusionist Goes Home
Haystack Observatory
The Changing Environment of Scholarly Communication: Challenges and Opportunities for Faculty
Security on the MIT Campus
Beyond the Anecdotes
My Experience with the
Artist-in-Residence Program
Faculty Satisfaction
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MIT Poetry

Mauled Illusionist Goes Home

Jean Monahan

– Roy Horn, trainer and illusionist, attacked by his own white tiger at the Las Vegas Mirage hotel

True, I saw
It coming: my head's hot halo
In the steaming cavern,
The tiger's red tongue
Rolled like a boulder across
The opening, light leaving
For an instant and women grieving
Outside, desperate to unwrap
Me from death's swaddling:
That slaughter-of-innocents
We keep reading about, somewhere
So far off it has the quality of mirage
Until with our own eyes
We see through
Our invention and the scales
Fall. On a pall of teeth
I was hauled
From the glittering ring,
Beaten at my own game, tamed.
Off-stage, I healed
Myself, away from the crowds
Who pressed too close and loud,
Heart in mouth
For my throat in the maw,
My whip on the back
Of what we feed and love and pretend
Loves us back.

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