MIT Faculty Newsletter  
contents Vol. XVII No. 3
January / February 2005

This issue of the Faculty Newsletter features President Susan Hockfield's initial impressions of the Institute, further discussion of proposed changes in faculty governance by Steven Lerman, and Jacquelyn Yanch on faculty quality of life issues.

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An Open Letter to the MIT Faculty
Ted Postol questions the Institute's response to allegations of fraud at Lincoln Labs.
What's All This About Export Controls?
Alice Gast and Claude Canizares address recent concerns about Deemed Exports.
Initial Impressions
Susan Hockfield
As I have begun to settle into the presidency of MIT, it has become clear to me that being named to this position is an even greater privilege than I first understood . . .
From the Faculty Chair
Food for Thought: Issues for the Next 10 Years
Rafael L. Bras
MIT works – and it did so at its best during the selection of Prof. Hockfield as our new president. The process that evolved and the seamless collaboration among . . .
An Open Letter to the MIT Faculty: Maintaining Integrity at MIT
Theodore A. Postol
Just five days before stepping down at MIT's president, Charles M. Vest announced that MIT has decided to not pursue an internal investigation of evidence of . . .
MIT Poetry
Themes On Love; Like This; Within Another Life
Barry Spacks
Grading themes on love at MIT, / one-man Symposium at 3 / A.M., across the court I saw a light, / another office-holder working late.
Some Further Thoughts on the
FPC Suggestions on Faculty Governance
Steven Lerman
The proposals for changing faculty governance published in the September/October issue of the Faculty Newsletter (Vol. XVII, No. 1) and the comments by . . .
Aimee Smith Found Not Guilty
In a trial at the Middlesex County Courthouse on Thursday, January 13, Dr. Aimee Smith was found not guilty of charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest . . .
Quality of Life Issues at MIT
Jacquelyn C. Yanch
I am a tenured, full professor. I am also the mother of three children, 10 years of age and under. I love many aspects of my job; MIT is an incredibly exciting and . . .
What's All This About Export Controls?
Alice P. Gast, Claude R. Canizares
You are on an airplane at about 37,000 feet, heading abroad. You have remembered your passport and you are perusing the OSP briefing document on deemed . . .
In It But Not Of It: Nine Years in the MIT Administration
Samuel Jay Keyser
My nine years at MIT associate provost began in 1985. I served first under John Deutch, who appointed me, and then under Joel Moses, who followed John . . .
Nuclear Engineering Department Changes Its Name
The Department of Nuclear Engineering has changed its name to the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSE).
An Update on the Cambridge-MIT Institute
Edward Crawley
The high level objective of the Cambride-MIT Institute (CMI) is to improve national economic competitiveness by stimulating universities to be even stronger . . .
Teaching this spring? You should know . . .
the Faculty regulates examinations and assignments for all subjects. . .
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Research Expenditures By Primary Sponsor, 1997-2004
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