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OPTOCHIP is an interactive research foundry service being established to provide interested research groups an opportunity to design and have processed, complex monolithic optoelectronic integrated circuits (OEICs) containing light sources, photodetectors, modulators, and VLSI-density electronic circuitry. These OEICs will utilize the Epitaxy-on-Electronics OEIC technology developed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) within the National Center for Integrated Photonics Technology (NCIPT).

What's New?

We just added some of the posters from the most recent NCIPT '96 Annual Review Meeting, and updated the schedules. Also, the layout of the new Optochip-1 is available on-line. Look for the NEW!!! marks in this document!

Participants for OPTOCHIP Project Sought

Participants are sought in the initial OPTOCHIP offering scheduled for the 1995-96 academic year, and interested parties are invited to contact Professor Clifton Fonstad at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The initial offering will be limited to eight (8) groups, and will involve the integration of light emitting diodes, msm and OPFET detectors, and GaAs MESFET electronics (the Vitesse HGaAs3 process). The participating groups will be be selected from applicants by October 15, 1995, and those groups will be expected to submit designs for 2 mm square OEIC chips in mid-January, 1996 (design assistance and a limited standard cell library will be made available). These designs will be combined into a larger, multi-project OEIC chip by MOSIS, which will have the electronics processed by Vitesse Semiconductor and will return chips to MIT in March 1996. Heterostructures will be grown on the chips by gas source molecuar beam epitaxy and processed into LEDs monolithically integrated with the pre-existing electronic circuitry and detectors. A minimum of six completed 2 mm square OEIC chips will be returned to each participating group by May 31, 1996.

List of first offering participants

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To discuss participation in OPTOCHIP contact:

Prof. Clifton Fonstad
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
tel: (617) 253-4634
fax: (617) 258-6640
e-mail: fonstad@mtl.mit.edu


* Optoelectronic Integrated Circuit Technologies
* The Epitaxy-on-Electronics OEIC Technology
* The OPTOCHIP Offering and Schedule NEW!!!
* Excerpts from NCIPT `96 annual review NEW!!!
* OPTOCHIP-1 Layout Plot NEW!!!
(the following are still in preparation)
* The Cost (Commitment and Documentation)
* GaAs MESFET Circuit Design Tools
* Building Block Cells for Epitaxy-on-Electronics OEICs
* Facilities and Experience Needed to Participate

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