The Founder's Journey


2.S992 Fall 2015

Learner’s Workshop

Fridays, 3pm to 5pm

Instructors: Ken Zolot and Sanjay Sarma

Explore cognitive science and neuroscience frameworks for learning and knowledge representation. Discover or design personalized learning tools/environments that are based on brain science. Possibly devise sensor-enabled experiments that can test (or expand on) those frameworks. Build a learning environment that is optimized for the way your brain really works. Approach “the classroom of the future” as a design challenge. Cultivate ideas for startups (or partnerships with existing startups) that might disrupt the status quo business model for education. A discussion forum in which students can continue to revise a student vision statement, to be presented to MIT's and edX's senior leadership. An opportunity to invite special guests to come work with students and share their experiences. Limited enrollment, by permission of instructors. Open to students of all majors.

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