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2.S972 Fall 2016

Developing Technologies for Music and Health

Special seminar offered jointly with Berklee College of Music
Fridays, 2pm to 4pm
6 units (2-0-4)

Instructor: Ken Zolot, in collaboration with Berklee’s Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship,

Students will design and prototype devices that explore music's effects on health and brain functions (sleep, anxiety, athletic performance, and learning). Seminar will include literature review and presentation of current scientific evidence to support use of music to regulate health, plus research on technology for measuring health performance. Students will design a study to test hypotheses related to benefits of music, perform data-analysis of results from group research study, and present findings. Teams will develop and prototype product concepts. Seminar will include numerous special guest lectures. Limited enrollment, by permission of instructor. Please indicate your interest by completing our brief survey here:

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