Principal Investigator


Prof. Nuh Gedik
Professor of Physics
PhD: UC Berkeley
Faculty Profile
Phone: 617.253.3420

Postdoctoral Associates and Research Scientists

Dr. Anshul Kogar
Phone: 617.258.8651

Dr. Suyang Xu
PhD: Princeton
Phone: 617.324.7558

Dr. Mehmet Burak Yilmaz
Research Scientist
PhD: Rutgers University
Phone: 617.324.7558

Dr. Nikesh Koirala
PhD: Rutgers University
Phone: 617.253.7702

Dr. Edoardo Baldini
PhD: École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Phone: 617.324.7558

Dr. Baiqing Lyu
PhD: Institute of Physics Chinese Academy of Science
Phone: 617.452.2115

Graduate Students

Emre Ergecen
Phone: 617.253.7702

Alfred Zong
BS: Stanford University
Phone: 617.258.8651

Carina Belvin
BA: Wellesley College
Phone: 617.253.3165

Dongsung Choi
BS: Seoul National University
Phone: 617.253.7702

Bryan Fichera
BA: University of Pennsylvania
Phone: 617.452.2115

Batyr Ilyas
BS: Nazarbayev University
Phone: 617.253.7702

Clifford Allington

BS: Colorado State University
Phone: 617.324.7558

Yifan Su
BS: Cornell University
Phone: 617.452.2115

Undergraduate Students

Nolan Peard
MIT Physics Undergraduate
Phone: 617.324.7558



Prof. Joshua Lui (Assistant Professor of Physics at University of California, Riverside)

Prof. David Hsieh (Assistant Professor of Physics at Caltech)

Prof. Darius Torchinsky (Assistant Professor of Physics at Temple University)

Prof. Inna Vishik (Assistant Professor of Physics at UC Davis)

Prof. Byron Freelon (Assistant Professor of Physics at University of Lousville)

Prof. Zhanybek Alpichshev (Assistant Professor in IST Austria)

Dr. Timm Rohwer (Research Scientist CFEL HAmburg, Germany)

Graduate Students

Prof. Yihua Wang (Professor of Physics at Fudan University, China)

Dr. James McIver (Postdoc at Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter)

Dr. Alex Frenzel (Postdoc at University of California, San Diego)

Dr. Fahad Mahmood (Postdoc at John Hopkins University)

Dr. Daniel Pilon (Ab Initio Software Corporation)

Dr. Edbert Jarvis Sie (Postdoc at Stanford University)

Dr. Changmin Lee (Postdoc at Lawrance Berkeley National Lab)

Dr. Ilkem Ozge Ozel

Undergraduate Students

Steven Drapcho (Graduate student at UC Berkeley)

Douglas Mendoza (Undergraduate at MIT)

Gus Downs (Graduate student at University of Chicago)

Gordan Glober (Undergraduate at MIT)

Claudia Lau (Graduate student at Yale)

Jaime Varela (Graduate student at UC Berkeley)

Ryan Janish (Graduate student at UC Berkeley)

David Woerner (CMSE student)

Mahmoud Ghulman (Master student at KAUST)

Hengyun (Harry) Zhou (Graduate Student at Harvard)

Azel Murzabekova (Undergraduate student at Nazarbayev University)