Seeing the ultrasmall, capturing the ultrafast!

We are developing and using advanced optical techniques for investigating ultrafast processes in complex material systems. Experimental techniques that we use include time-resolved ARPES, ultrafast electron diffraction, pump-probe spectroscopy, transient grating spectroscopy, second harmonic generation and time-resolved terahertz spectroscopy. We are especially interested in using these techniques to understand fascinating properties of strongly correlated electron systems and topological insulators.

Group Values

Our lab welcomes students, postdocs, and visiting scholars regardless of identity. We strive to be an inclusive group and we value diversity in backgrounds, ideas, and experiences. As a group, we are committed to reflecting on the issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), especially their impact on our group and the scientific community as a whole. We explicitly dedicate a portion of our group meetings to holding a DEI Journal Club to discuss these topics. We are also committed to upholding the MIT Physics Community Values.

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