May 2024 group picnic. Farewell for Bryan, welcome Jake and Shuyu!

Farewell for Zeynep

Farewell for Doron

With Masataka in front of trARPES and MBE!

Summer 2023 group picnic
(farewell for Masataka)

Group hiking

Gedik group alumni
(2023 March meeting in Las Vagas, NV)

Gathering at Nuh's home

Farewell for Baiqing

September 2022 group picnic
(farewell for Karna and welcome for Honglie, Haoyu, Tommy, and Zongqi)

Gedik group alumni
(2022 Ultrafast GRC in Venture, CA)

Carina's graduation

May 2022 group picnic
(farewell for Carina)

Farewell lunch for Anshul

2019 group retreat
(farewell for Nikesh and welcome for Doron)

Summer 2018 group dinner

Fall 2017 group photo

Farewell lunch for Timm

Timm is opening the gifts:)

Edbert's graduation

Fall 2016 group photo


Welcoming new members

Congratulations Fahad and Maggie!


Edbert's excited

Baltimore Crab Feast 2012...before

Fall 2013 group photo

Summer 2012 group photo