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Core D: Carbohydrate Synthesis and Protein Expression

Scientfic Objective: Produce key materials (oligosaccharide compounds/libraries, lectins and glycoenzymes) as well as reagents that will be supplied to Participating Investigators and the other Cores.

Operations involving Central Database:

  • Data entry (adding new carbohydrate structures, CBPs and glycoenzymes and their production information)
  • Edit entry
  • Finalize data
  • Search and display data
  • Add item to online inventory (see Resources)
  • Submit carbohydrate to Core C for analysis

  • Core B is working with the Core Directors to finalize and implement the above operations and more. Please revisit this site soon to check out the new functions

    Data sets: Graphical and notational representation of carbohydrate structures, genomics/proteomics information on CBP and glycoenzymes and production information for these resources. See sample Core D data sheet for synthetic oligosaccharides

    Identifiers: The primary identifiers for Core D data are Carb ID, CBP ID and GT ID. Other identifiers include Carbohydrate/CBP/GT production ID and Protocol ID

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