PNG Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'IHDR' ImageHeader - --> PNG ImageHeader Tags
'PLTE' Palette N  
'bKGD' BackgroundColor N  
'cHRM' PrimaryChromaticities - --> PNG PrimaryChromaticities Tags
'fRAc' FractalParameters N  
'gAMA' Gamma N  
'gIFg' GIFGraphicControlExtension N  
'gIFt' GIFPlainTextExtension N  
'gIFx' GIFApplicationExtension N  
'hIST' PaletteHistogram N  
'iCCP' ICC_Profile - --> ICC_Profile Tags
'iTXt' InternationalText - --> PNG TextualData Tags
'oFFs' ImageOffset N  
'pCAL' PixelCalibration N  
'pHYs' PhysicalPixel - --> PNG PhysicalPixel Tags
'sBIT' SignificantBits N  
'sPLT' SuggestedPalette N  
'sRGB' SRGBRendering N 0 = Perceptual
1 = Relative Colorimetric
2 = Saturation
3 = Absolute Colorimetric
'tEXt' TextualData - --> PNG TextualData Tags
'tIME' ModifyDate Y  
'tRNS' Transparency N  
'tXMP' XMP - --> XMP Tags
(obsolete location specified by older XMP draft)
'zTXt' CompressedText - --> PNG TextualData Tags

PNG ImageHeader Tags

IndexTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 ImageWidth N  
4 ImageHeight N  
8 BitDepth N  
9 ColorType N 0 = Grayscale
2 = RGB
3 = Palette
4 = Grayscale with Alpha
6 = RGB with Alpha
10 Compression N 0 = Deflate/Inflate
11 Filter N 0 = Adaptive
12 Interlace N 0 = Noninterlaced
1 = Adam7 Interlace

PNG PrimaryChromaticities Tags

IndexTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 WhitePointX N  
1 WhitePointY N  
2 RedX N  
3 RedY N  
4 GreenX N  
5 GreenY N  
6 BlueX N  
7 BlueY N  

PNG TextualData Tags

The PNG TextualData format allows aribrary tag names to be used. The tags listed below are the only ones that can be written (unless new user-defined tags are added via the configuration file), however ExifTool will extract any other TextualData tags that are found.

The information for the TextualData tags may be stored as tEXt, zTXt or iTXt chunks in the PNG image. ExifTool will read and edit tags in their original form, but tEXt chunks are written by default when creating new tags. Compressed zTXt chunks are written only if Compress::Zlib is available, and only for profile information or when the -z (Compress) option is specified.

Some of the tags below are not registered as part of the PNG specification, but are included here because they are generated by other software such as ImageMagick.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'Artist' Artist string (unregistered)
'Author' Author string  
'Comment' Comment string  
'Copyright' Copyright string  
'Creation Time' CreationTime string  
'Description' Description string  
'Disclaimer' Disclaimer string  
'Document' Document string (unregistered)
'Label' Label string (unregistered)
'Make' Make string (unregistered)
'Model' Model string (unregistered)
'Raw profile type APP1' APP1_Profile - --> EXIF Tags
--> XMP Tags
'Raw profile type exif' EXIF_Profile - --> EXIF Tags
'Raw profile type icc' ICC_Profile - --> ICC_Profile Tags
'Raw profile type icm' ICC_Profile - --> ICC_Profile Tags
'Raw profile type iptc' IPTC_Profile - --> Photoshop Tags
'Raw profile type xmp' XMP_Profile - --> XMP Tags
'Software' Software string  
'Source' Source string  
'TimeStamp' TimeStamp string (unregistered)
'Title' Title string  
'URL' URL string (unregistered)
'Warning' PNGWarning string  
'XML:com.adobe.xmp' XMP - --> XMP Tags
(location according to the XMP specification -- this is where ExifTool will add a new XMP chunk if the image didn't already contain XMP)

PNG PhysicalPixel Tags

IndexTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 PixelsPerUnitX N  
4 PixelsPerUnitY N  
8 PixelUnits N 0 = Unknown
1 = Meters

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Last revised Oct 27, 2006

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