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What is How to Get Around MIT?

How to Get Around MIT (also known as HowToGAMIT) is a fully comprehensive, independent student-produced guide to MIT, Cambridge and Boston. It is designed to welcome all new members of the MIT community and to act as a reference book for those whom have been here a while. All incoming first year undergraduate students receive free copies of the book, as do most incoming graduate students and many staff and postdoctoral associates. HowToGAMIT is also sold at bookstores such as the Harvard/MIT Coop. It is one of the most-browsed publications produced at MIT. The book contains sections relating to emergency information, academics, life and culture at MIT, activities and facilities, and things to do around MIT and in the greater Boston area: shopping, sightseeing, restaurants and entertainment. It also contains indispensable advice on everything from how best to find an apartment in the area to what you should and shouldn't do if you're arrested. The representative giving you this sheet should be able to show you a copy of last year's edition to give you an idea of the quality and breadth of the publication.

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Why advertise in HowToGAMIT?

Simply put, HowToGAMIT offers the best advertising value at MIT.

HowToGAMIT's main audience is the optimal demographic for you: newcomers to the community who are looking for places to shop, eat and relax. HowToGAMIT offers you a unique chance to build consumer loyalty from the first arrival of over 3,000 new students. Our editors will place your ad in the section where it is most likely to attract the attention of readers looking for what you have to offer.

HowToGAMIT is a treasured reference for most owners; many readers continue to use their books for their entire time at MIT or longer. Your ad will catch their attention multiple times as they flip through the Restaurants chapter looking for fresh place to eat on the weekend or as they check out the Hotels section to find their parents a place to stay over graduation. HowToGAMIT's full-page advertising rate is only slightly over half that of the most widely distributed student publication on campus, the student newspaper The Tech. Compare years worth of advertising to the two to three days of exposure you'd get in The Tech, and you'll see the value of advertising in HowToGAMIT.

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Advertising Rates

Rates for the 2008-2009 edition are as follows:

Cost After July 23 Early Bird Discount Additional Information
Full Page  $550  $500
Half Page  $300  $250
Quarter Page  $200  $150
Variable Size  $150  $100 Minimum one ninth page, up to one quarter page, at layout editor's discretion.
Inside Front Cover $1200 - No Longer Available
Inside Back Cover  $1100 $1050
Insert $800 + - Cost is from $800 depending on size of insert and paper required.

Color advertisements may be availible, please contact the Advertising Manager if you are interested.

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Submission Format

We accept both electronic and hard copy submissions. For digital artwork, TIFF and PDF formats with a minimal resolution of 300 dpi are preferred. Graphics must be in black and white; color advertisements may be available by special arrangement. The HowToGAMIT staff includes experienced graphic designers who can accommodate a wide range of submissions, including complete design of your advertisement for a small additional fee. Please contact us for more information. If you choose to submit your own design, advertising copy should have the following approximate sizes/aspect ratios:

Dimensions Additional Information
Full Page   5" [w] x 8" [h]
Half Page   5" [w] x 4" [h]
Quarter Page Wide   5" [w] x 2" [h]
Quarter Page Tall 2.5" [w] x 4" [h]
Variable Size   2" [w] x 2" [h] Any size above 2" x 2"; we will resize as appropriate.
Insert 8" [w] x 10" [h] Any size up to 8" x 10"; we accept either orientation.

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Early bird discount deadline: July 23
Final ad payment and copy deadline: July 30

Online Purchases

Advertising can be purchased online using our online submission form.

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Contact Information

Advertising Manager
For questions concerning advertising policy, payment and the state of your advertisement:
Leonid Grinberg, htgamit-sales [at]

Editorial Staff
For questions concerning the book:
Nathan Lachenmyer, scottnla [at]

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