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How to Get Around MIT (HowToGAMIT) is the only student-produced handbook that fully details MIT's culture, community, and environs. It is a down-to-earth guide to help you get oriented and to find the nooks and crannies that will make your time at MIT as engaging and enjoyable as it can be.

HowToGAMIT contains information on just about everything you need to know to jump-start your MIT experience and much more besides. It has info about student resources and avenues for help or guidance that will save your time, not to mention your sanity. In addition, it is the place to look up obscure and esoteric cultural references (both contemporary and historical) that you are too embarrassed to ask anyone about.

It is not a pamphlet of administrative rules and regulations, stripped of all culture and tradition, but rather a survival guide written by students, for students.

HowtoGAMIT aims to cover all aspects of campus life for the greater good of the MIT population.

We try to make sure that HowToGAMIT is distributed free of charge to all incoming undergrads. New grad students - ask your department if they have a copy for you. Most do! HowToGAMIT may also be bought at the MIT Coop, the MIT Press bookstore and EAsT camPUS desk for a price yet to be determined..

how to get around MIT