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IAP 2003 Schedule for Thu Jan 9

08:30 AM
2003 CSBi Annual Conference: Computational and Systems Biology - From Bioinformatics to Biofabrication  (to 05:30 PM)    Wong Auditorium, E51

09:30 AM
Teaching and Learning Workshop  (to 04:30 PM)    e-mail mad@mit.edu

10:00 AM
Mars Gravity Biosatellite: Phase B Design Work  (to 06:00 PM)    41-116
Maximizing Presentation Effectiveness Subject to Murphy's Law  (to 12:00 PM)    E51-385
Teaching Workshop: Learning to Teach to Different Genders, Ethnicities and Cultures  (to 12:00 PM)    4-339

10:30 AM
How To Display Math on the Web: How to Display Mathematics on the Web  (to 12:00 PM)    1-150

12:00 PM
Athena Minicourse: Introduction to FrameMaker  (to 01:00 PM)    3-343
Improve Your Technique  (to 09:00 PM)    W20-451
Intro to Group Cycling  (to 01:00 PM)    Zesiger MAC Courts
Reading the Book of Job  (to 01:00 PM)    W-11
Selecting Your 401(k) Investment Portfolio  (to 01:00 PM)    Mezzanine
Taste of Torah: Introducing the Book of Exodus in the Jewish Bible  (to 01:00 PM)    W11-SDR
Virus Protection Quick Start  (to 01:00 PM)    N42 Demo Center
What is Student Loan Consolidation?  (to 01:00 PM)    4-149

12:30 PM
Stress 101: How to Fight Back  (to 02:00 PM)    4-159

01:00 PM
Holography Studio Series: Session 3: Single Beam Reflection Holography  (to 03:00 PM)    MIT Museum
Pleasures of Poetry: Reading and Discussion of Memorable Poems: Ackerman and Welsh  (to 02:00 PM)    14E-304

02:00 PM
A Biologist's Toolkit for the New Millennium: Why Do We Look and Sound Human? The Molecular Evolution of the Face, Jaws and Hearing  (to 04:00 PM)    68-181
How to Get (Temporarily) Free Software  (to 04:30 PM)    W89-125
Intro to Adobe Illustrator  (to 04:00 PM)    26-139
Ten Lectures in Philosophy: Consciousness and the Self  (to 04:00 PM)    E51-145
Tour of MIT's Data Center - W91  (to 03:00 PM)    W91 Lobby

03:00 PM
Avoiding Presentation Horror Stories  (to 05:00 PM)    E51-385
Human Factors in Industry Seminars: Air Traffic Control Modeling  (to 04:30 PM)    33-116

04:00 PM
Learning Sciences Applied to Science and Engineering Education  (to 05:30 PM)    E25-111
Plates  (to 06:30 PM)    W20-429
Ubiquitous Computing Design Contest  (to 06:00 PM)    NE18-4FL (1CC, 4FL)

05:00 PM
Introduction to Shotokan Karate  (to 07:00 PM)    T-club Lounge

05:30 PM
Mazel Tov! Everything You Need to Know About a Jewish Wedding: The Traditional Jewish Wedding  (to 07:00 PM)    W11-Board Room

06:30 PM
Introduction to Change Ringing in the Tower  (to 09:00 PM)    Lobby 7
MIT Outing Club Winter School: Snow Gadgets  (to 08:30 PM)    35-225

07:00 PM
Athena Minicourse: Introduction to FrameMaker  (to 08:00 PM)    3-343
Ballroom Dance Lessons  (to 09:30 PM)    Sala de Puerto Rico
Caffeinated Crash Course in C  (to 10:00 PM)    6-120
Korean Karate: The Art of Tae Kwon Do  (to 09:00 PM)    DuPont Dance Studio
Majolica Decoration  (to 09:30 PM)    W20-429
The New Congress and US Foreign Policy: Issues and Directions: National Security  (to 09:00 PM)    1-150
Undergraduate Women's Wellness Workshop Series: Keeping Fit in the Dorm  (to 08:00 PM)    McCormick Hall

07:30 PM
How to Blow a Shofar  (to 08:30 PM)    W11
Judo  (to 09:00 PM)    Dupont Wrestling Rm

08:00 PM
"Twin Peaks" Season One Marathon: Episode 1, Episode 2, and Episode 1 with commentary  (to 11:00 PM)    2-105
Athena Minicourse: FrameMaker for Your Thesis  (to 09:00 PM)    3-343
Group Investigating God!  (to 09:00 PM)    Next House TFL

09:00 PM
American Jiu-Jitsu Self Defense @ MIT  (to 10:30 PM)    DuPont WrestlingRoom
Basketball Today!  (to 11:00 PM)    Dupont/Rockwell
Lion Dance  (to 10:00 AM)    W20-407

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