MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2013 Schedule for January 29

Activity Title Location Special Meeting Info

07:30 AM

Adult Navy Seals Zesiger 50M Pool Bring your swimsuit!

09:00 AM

"Horses and Thunder" -- Meeting the Energy Needs and Oil Exploration and Production in the Deepwaters 66-144
15.S60 Software Tools for Operations Research E62-221 Bring your laptop. Please preinstall software.
Departmental Exploration (DEX) 54-427
Health and Wellness Innovation 2013 MIT Media Lab 6th fl

09:30 AM

ACT (Art, Culture & Technology) TA Training E15, 2nd floor
Open Robotics Laboratory 8-205

10:00 AM

App Inventor GIS Lab, 7-238 bring your laptop and Android phone
Build a Small Radar System 4-159 Bring your laptop with MATLAB installed.
Departmental Exploration (DEX) 54-131
Individual Consultations at the Writing and Communication Center 12-132 sign up on online scheduler
MathWorks: Parallel and GPU Computing with MATLAB 4-163
MIT Can Talk Workshops 32-141
Powerful Feedback: Strategies for Responding to Student Writing: A Writing Across the Curriculum IAP Workshop 12-134
The MathWorks Seminars: Six Technical MATLAB Talks 4-163
The MathWorks Seminars: Six Technical MATLAB Talks 4-163

10:30 AM

Politics, Economics, and the Euro Area Crisis. E51-315

11:00 AM

Cold Fusion 101: Introduction to Excess Power in Fleischmann-Pons Experiments 4-153
Departmental Exploration (DEX) 4-149
Managing your Information 14N-132

12:00 PM

32-Hour Mediation Training Location TBD
Departmental Exploration (DEX) 34-101
(CANCELED) ESL Program for MIT Service Employees' Workshops 66-154
J-1 Student Visa Workshop 4-145 - Getting the Most Out of It E17-121 Learning Ctr
Personal Data and Trust Framework Hackathon Media Lab

12:30 PM

Home Repair Basics: Basic Residential Wiring E18-027
MIT Can Talk Workshops 32-144

01:00 PM

A Look Inside the Human Brain: MEG, MRI, PET, & TMS 46-3015
Build a Small Phased Array Radar System 4-159 Bring laptop with Matlab installed
Departmental Exploration (DEX) 34-101
Financial Planning Basics Building 56, Rm 154
Hands-On Holography 66-160 Bring laptop with MATLAB installed.
Introduction to Blacksmithing Room 4 - 003 Class Session: January 29 - 31, 2013
MathWorks: LEGO MINDSTORMS with MATLAB and Simulink for Teaching Controls, Robotics, and Mechatronics 37-312
Pleasures of Poetry 14E-304
Spatial Statistics: Regression 14N-132
Women, Art and Thought in the Middle Ages 56-169

01:30 PM

Student Showcase on Climate Adaptation and Mitigation 10-105

02:00 PM

Departmental Exploration (DEX) 34-101
Game Design and Development Talks 32-141
Introduction to Scanning Electron Microscopy 13-2137
Making a Career Working in Start-Ups E51-376
The Life Cycle of Stars Marlar Lounge 37-252

02:30 PM

The Life Cycle of Stars Marlar Lounge 37-252

03:00 PM

Awaken Your Inner Superhero! Life Coaching at MIT E53-223
Departmental Exploration (DEX) 34-101
Games for Planners 9-450A
Introduction to Blacksmithing Room 4 - 003 Class Session: January 29 - 31, 2013
Introduction to Computation and Programming for Nuclear Engineers NW14-1112 bring your laptop with WiFi
Introduction to Scanning Electron Microscopy/Focused Ion Beam Dual Beam Workstation 13-2137
MIT Can Talk Workshops 32-144
Nuclear Weapons: Physics, History and Abolition? 26-414

03:30 PM

Departmental Exploration (DEX) 68-074 & 16-352

04:00 PM

DUET Seminar - Sowing the Seeds for a More Creative Society 4-231
Totally Teapot W20-431

04:30 PM

Departmental Exploration (DEX) 36-144

05:00 PM

Building Cross-Platform Desktop Software in Python 4-237
Introduction to Blacksmithing Room 4 - 003 Class Session: January 29 - 31, 2013

05:15 PM

Adult Beginner Swim Zesiger Center Pool bring your swimsuit!

05:30 PM

Tuesday Intro to Digital Photo A W20-431

06:00 PM

Drawing Workshop (2D & 3D) 3-401
Hebrew for Beginners 8-205
Marxism today, 23 Years since the "collapse of communism". 6-120
Night Photography TBD

06:15 PM

Adult Intermediate Swim Zesiger Center Pool Bring your swimsuit!
Efficient Freestyle Alumni Pool Bring your swimsuit!

06:30 PM

Fun and Useful Objective-C Runtime and iOS Hacks 4-231

07:00 PM

Ceramica Botanica W20-431
CHARM SCHOOL 2013: Intercultural Communication Panel 32-155
Get Involved! How to find Meaningful Volunteer & Service Work 4-145
Intermediate Squash W-35- Squash courts
LBGTQ Dinner and Movie Nights 50-005
MIT Korean Karate Club W31 Multi-Purpose R
MIT Outing Club Winter School 35-225
SEEK: Explore faith in Jesus and connection with God PDR #3 Seek Session #7

07:15 PM

Aquatic Stroke Technique Zesiger Center Pool Bring your swimsuit!

07:45 PM

Capoeira Angola Bldg. 57- Group Ex

08:00 PM

Intro to Contra Dancing, with Live Folk Music Student Center 491
Learn to Square Dance Lobdell