MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2017 Schedule for January 20

Activity Title Location Special Meeting Info

07:00 AM

Multi-Sport Training Alumni Spin & Pool

08:00 AM

Arabic 101 Location TBD
CityDays January 20 Cambridge and Boston Typical volunteer shifts last 3-4 hours

09:00 AM

Bamboo Bicycle Frame Making Workshop MIT IDC bring a helmet!
Developing Brain-Computer Interfaces for Art and Well-Being E15-341 (TBC) bring laptop w/Bluetooth.
How to Design Electric Vehicles - Lab IDC, N52-3rd Floor
Introduction to Stata 1-115
Lag-User Method: Using Late Adopters as a Source of Innovative Ideas 2-135
Mapping with Drones: UAS for Data Collection and Research 2-105
MIT Bio-Maker Workshop 1-190

10:00 AM

Coolest Collections on Campus 14N-118 Please no food or drink; drop by from 10-11
Hack your potential: using a growth mindset to succeed at MIT and beyond E51-085
Hacking the Holodeck: An Introduction to Touch and Virtual Reality IDC N52 3rd floor Bring laptop with Unity and Arduino IDE installed
Individual Consultations at the WCC (Writing and Communication Center) E18-233
Intro to Metal Sculpture 4-006
Introduction to the Reaction Mechanism Generator (RMG) software 56-114 Bring your laptop

10:30 AM

Energy Policy in the context of Climate Change: the case of Mexico E40-496 Pye Conf Rm

11:00 AM

Business data: Finding & mapping company information 14N-132

12:00 PM

IAP 2017- The Feynman Films 6-120
Irish History Session 1 - Modern Irish History & Culture: From Molly Malone to Nobel Laureates E25-117
Starr Forum presents: "Cache" E15-070 Bartos Theater

01:00 PM

Bad Ideas
Collaborative Design and Creative Expression with Arduino MIcrocontrollers 13-4101 bring laptop
Collaborative Sculpture: The Politics of Collective and Social Artistic Practice W20-425 bring laptop and/or sketchbook
Data Management in Stata 1-115
Economics and Politics of Brexit E51-149
Electron Microprobe Analysis on the JEOL JXA-8200 Superprobe 54-1221
Hands-On Holography Beaverworks NE45-202 Bring laptop with MATLAB installed
Handset Printing at the Beaver Press Print Shop Barker Library Signup; link below.
Learn to Build Your Own Videogame with the Unity Game Engine and Microsoft Kinect 13-3101 bring laptop
Pleasures of Poetry 2017 14E-304
RACECAR: Rapid Autonomous Complex-Environment Competing Ackermann-Steering Robot 32-081

01:30 PM

Heavier than the Sun, Smaller than a City: The Neutron Star Marlar Lounge 37-252
IAP 2017 Physics Lecture Series 6-120
Introduction to Entrepreneurship - Internet of Things Applied to Healthcare 8-205 bring laptop and phone

02:00 PM

Build your own multi-touch pad (learn laser-cutting, basic electronics, and computer vision in 2 afternoons) 32-311 bring your laptop
Build your own Skateboard or Longboard W31-031
Fabricating Electronic Tattoos (FULL with FULL WAITLIST!) E15-341 Bring laptop
Learn to Program via a 'Less is More' Approach 34-302
Patent Law Essentials: What Scientists, Engineers & Entrepreneurs Need to Know 32-124
Patent Law Fundamentals E51-151
Quick Intro to Designing Feedback Controllers 38-530 Circuits Lab Bring laptop
Shadow Magicians: Finding Freedom to Become Yourself 36-144
Using Improv to Improve Confidence E25-117

03:00 PM

A Look Inside the Human Brain using Modern Imaging Technologies 46-3015
Arabic 101 Location TBD
Mars Settlement Workshop, Mission Design E62-221
Micro Drone Vehicle Racing and Course Design : Build, Fly, and Pop Up Infrastructure Design N52-373G

04:30 PM

A Look Inside the Human Brain using Modern Imaging Technologies 46-1171
Super Bowls C W20-431

05:00 PM

Global Game Jam 2017 32-123
Mapping History TBD Bring your laptop
Reverse Engineering Software 1-115

06:00 PM

Introduction to Gum Bichromate Printing W20-425

07:00 PM

Phenomenology of Superconductivity 4-163

07:30 PM

Aikido Location TBD
Mighty Mugs C W20-431

08:00 PM

Global Game Jam 2017 32-124 & 32-144