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The Technology and Culture Forum at MIT promotes discussion of the ethical implications of scientific and technological innovation, and explores the role of science and technology in promoting positive change. We seek out topics which fall outside or between traditional departmental lines. Sustainable development,globalization, and human security are topics at the heart of our work. If you'd like to get notices of upcoming TAC events, go to our website to join our mailing list: http://web.mit.edu/tac/www If you are a student, faculty, staff or alum of MIT and would like to be involved in planning and/or supporting our events, contact Amy McCreath (mccreath@mit.edu) or Patricia Weinmann (weinmann@mit.edu).

MIT Edgerton Center

PHRJ supports a summer internship program for MIT students, visiting fellows program, annual conference, seminar series, and research projects related to human rights, globalization, science and technology. For more information or to subscribe to the PHRJ listserve, please visit http://web.mit.edu/phrj or contact Susan Frick at 617-258-7614 or phrj@mit.edu.

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