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Monday, April 24

4-5:30pm in E51-335
The Poverty of Nations: Understanding Economic Growth and Public Policy in Developing Countries
Speaker: Daron Acemoglu and Esther Duflo
The Undergraduate Economics Association (UEA) is sponsoring a Development Economics lecture by Professors Esther Duflo and Daron Acemoglu. They will be discussing important topics in development economics today including growth potential--what policies might help, what drives growth, where the current research questions lie, etc. A Q&A session and reception will follow the lecture.
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9-5pm, April 24-25 in Lobby 10
Dimes for Darfur - Genocide Awareness
Dimes for Darfur is collecting dimes to raise 15,000 Dimes--each cent representing one of the 1.5 million children who died during the Holocaust. All proceeds will support children who are victims of the current genocide in Darfur. There are donation boxes in the dorms, the student center and the basement of W11.

5:30-6:30pm in 50-028
International Development Discussions
We will be discussing a unique identification system for tracking immunizations and disease events being implemented in Pakistan. The PneumoADIP group intends to enroll approximately 35,000 newborns of ethnically diverse mostly low-income to middle-income families into their program. If successful, this trials will expedite the introduction of the pneumococcal vaccine into developing countries in Asia, not just Pakistan.

6:30-8pm in 4-159
Health in Development
Are you interested in working in health or medicine? Want to make a difference in today's global issues? This Monday, dine and network with experts and innovators who have applied their careers to health and medicine challenges of the developing world.

7-8:30pm in 32-141
Redesigning the Wheelchair
Speaker: Ralf Hotchkiss, Mike Augsperger, Derek Kane, and Amos Winter
Join us for a presentation about wheelchair design and innovation. Speakers will include Ralf Hotchkiss, a leading expert on wheelchair design for the developing world; Derek Kane, one of the creators of the iBOT; Mike Augsperger, a sports wheelchair designer; and Amos Winter, a mechanical engineering graduate student who has worked to improve wheelchair design for developing countries. Please email Camilla Shannon at for more information.


April 27-30

Harvard University's International Relations Week
Theme: Exploring the United Nations Millennium Development Goals International Relations Week (IR Week) is a university-wide event, with collaboration between Harvard College and several Harvard graduate schools, featuring a week-long and varied program of workshops, panel discussions, informal receptions, art exhibits and events fairs.
IR Week 2006 will focus on the issues and challenges facing the developing world as they strive to reach the targets outlined by the UN Millennium Development Goals. IR Week 2006 will bring together internationally renowned scholars and practitioners of international development to lead workshops, facilitate discussions, and provide insight from their real world international relations experiences. Free registration required at


Friday, April 28

2-5pm at the MIT Museum
Come Together: Social Responsibility in Science and Technology at MIT
Find the MIT Museum.


Sunday, April 30

Student Leadership Workshop on Campus Organizing
(for current undergraduate and graduate students)
Center for Government and International Studies, Harvard University(registration is required at
In conjunction with Harvard's International Relations Week 2006 - Exploring the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, the event will bring together student leaders at Boston-area universities to network with one another, identify common interests, and build up basic organizing skills. The day will include an introduction to organizing by keynote speaker Shayna Harris from Oxfam America and small group sessions focusing on building alliances, and either campaign strategy, media relations, or advocacy. All workshops will be lead by experienced facilitators. Lunch will be provided. Contact

South American Business Forum: Organized for students, by Students of the Buenos Aires Institute of Technology
May 7, 2006 - Application Deadline
This is an invitation for you to apply and participate of the second South American Business Forum (SABF), the first student-run business forum in South America, organized for students from around the world, by students of the Buenos Aires Institute of Technology ( SABF consists in bringing top-regional executives and the brightest student talents together to dialogue and debate about " Politics and Social Responsibility in a Globalized World". The Forum's goal is to promote values and actions towards sustainable development among South America's future and present Leaders. Our invitation to apply for the SABF is open to every student, from any career or University, who would like to join this unique learning opportunity in one of the most exciting cities of the World. The Forum will take on 4-6 August 2006. The application deadline is May 7th, 2006. The only cost the participant will have to take care of is the trip to and from Buenos Aires. All material, seminars, access to conferences, meals, coffee breaks, etc are taken care of by the SABF team. For more information about the SABF, please visit our website:

UN World Food Programme Employment Opportunities
We at the UN World Food Programme are looking to recruit management professionals to fill many opportunities within the logistics operation world wide. See our flyer for information on available opportunities.

A Better Earth Essay Contest How are economic development and environmental quality related? What institutional frameworks will allow individuals in the developing world to solve environmental problems and eradicate poverty? More information at:,pageID.108/default.asp.


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