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Event Calendar 2010-2011

April 15 (Fri), 2011

Japanese Cherry-Blossom Viewing Party - Hanami -

New Ashdown (NW35) Hulsizer Room

Sponsored by ASA LEF/ARCADE

Supported by IACE Travel and Mainichi Communications

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March 14-18, 2011

Messages and Donations
Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

MIT Lobby 10 and Stata Center

January 14 (Fri), 2011

IAP Class: Intro to Shogi (Japanese Chess)

Room 4-153
Japanese snacks will be served.

This is an introductory class to Shogi (Japanese Chess). Shogi is similar to chess, but has additional twists. For example, when a piece is captured, it becomes a piece for the capturing side, and can be dropped back onto the board! We will go over the basic rules, do some demos, and you will be able to play a game of your own at the end of the session. The rule is very simple.

Bring your friends but play with your brain! Of course you can come alone!

October 8 (Fri), 2010

Japanese Moon Gazing Festival - Tsukimi -

New Ashdown (NW35) Hulsizer Room
Admission: $5 w/ Sushi, Free w/o Sushi

Japanese Association of MIT will host the Approximately-Twentieth Annual Japanese Tsukimi Party!! The highlight of the event will be the demonstration of traditional rice cake pounding. Using a huge wooden mortar and mallet, we will make sticky delicious rice cake. But it is not just a demonstration where you will simply observe and eat; you will be invited to hold the mallet and pound rice! We will also serve sushi, appetizers, and soft drinks.

Please come and join us, and experience the sweet Japanese culture!


Sponsored by IACE Travel, Mainichi Communications,

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