WHAT'S NEW (additions, beginning March 1998, in reverse chronological order)

August 2000

 Class warfore?
 Notes on Social Security

April 2000

 The wonders of editing

March 2000

 The energy crisis revisited

February 2000

 Dow 36,000: How silly is it?

December 1999

 Thinking about the liquidity trap (Paper for NBER/CEPR/TCER conference in Tokyo)
 Networks and increasing returns: a cautionary tale

November 1999

 A self-defeating prophecy (Fortune)
Enemies of the WTO
Tiger's tale

October 1999

 Pathetic is the word
 O Canada (Slate: the latest Nobel prize)
 Working for the New York Times
 Was it all in Ohlin? (paper for centennial celebration of Bertil Ohlin, Stockholm)

September 1999

 Capital control freaks (Slate)
 Time on the cross: can fiscal policy save Japan? (9/21/99)
Land of the rising yen (9/14/99)
Analytical afterthoughts on the Asian crisis (9/12/99)

August 1999

 Talking about a revolution (Slate)
Why I am an economist (sigh) (Notes during textbook revision)
And now for something completely different (Paper presented to a conference on trade and inequality, 1998)
 A dollar crisis? (a note on current developments)

July 1999

 Don't laugh at me. Argentina (Slate)
 Why Germany Kant Kompete (Fortune)

June 1999

 Recovery? Don't count on it (Time, Asia edition)
 When good things happen to bad ideas (Slate)
 What you don't think about can't hurt you (Fortune)
Heaven is a weak euro (6/3/99) Target zone theory rides again!
The euro, living dangerously (A quick note in passing)
 Money can't buy happiness - er, can it? (New York Times)

May 1999

 Global vision du jour (Washington Monthly)
Still depressed about Japan (Financial Times)
 Labor pains (New York Times Magazine)
The ascent of e-man (Fortune)
 Thinking outside the box office (Slate)

April 1999

 Direct link to Amazon.com for Return of Depression Economics
Jacket of my forthcoming book (The Return of Depression Economics)
Monomoney mania (Slate, 4/15/99)

March 1999

 Should the Fed care about stock bubbles? (Fortune, Mar. 1)
The fall and rise of development economics (a 1994 essay about models and methods from Rodwin and Schon, Rethinking the Development Experience)
The spatial economy: introduction (introduction to forthcoming book with Masahisa Fujita and Anthony J. Venables)
Morning in Japan? (3/11/99)
 Some chaotic notes on regional dynamics (3/10/99)

February 1999

 Deflationary spirals (2/25/99)
Can deflation be prevented? (2/21/99)
 Inflation targeting in a liquidity trap: the law of the excluded middle (2/10/99)
Delusions of respectability (2/7/99)
A monetary fable (The Independent)
 Syllabus for graduate macro
Alas, Brazil

January 1999

 Special page on Japan (direct links to my writings on the subject)
Honorary degree ceremony in Berlin (text, audio, video)
  Japan heads for the edge (Financial Times, 1/20/99)
Baby-sitting the economy (free version, newly relevant as Japan goes over the edge)
  The world's smallest macroeconomic model
 Balance sheets, the transfer problem, and financial crises (conference paper)
 No pain, no gain? (Slate, 1/14)

December 1998

 There's something about macro (notes about teaching graduate macroeconomics)
 The euro: beware of what you wish for (Fortune)
 I know what the hedges did last summer (Fortune)
 The hangover theory (Slate)
 The web gets ugly (New York Times Magazine)

November 1998

Japan: still trapped (a restatement of the argument)
The return of Dr. Mabuse (New York Times Magazine)
Soros' plea (Fortune, 11/12/98)
Is the economic crisis a crisis for economics? (Slate, 11/12/98)

October 1998

Even worse than you think (10/27/98) Financial Times
Japan's bank bailout (10/17/98 - why the scheme is likely to fail)
The eternal triangle (10/13/98 - a note on international financial "architecture")
Curfews on capital: what are the options? (10/12/98 - why dollar debt is not the problem)
Rashomon in Connecticut (Slate)
It's baaack! Japan's slump and the return of the liquidity trap (draft Brookings Paper - requires Adobe Acrobat)
Heresy time (9/28/98 - a note about why I have started saying outrageous things)
The confidence game (The New Republic, 10/5/98)

September 1998

Latin America's swan song (9/23/98 - notes on the current dilemma)
The other bear market (Slate, 9/10/98)
An open letter to Prime Minister Mahathir (9/1/98)

August 1998

Don't panic - yet (New York Times, 8/30/98)
Viagra and the wealth of nations (New York Times Magazine, 8/23/98)
Baby-sitting the economy (Slate, 8/13/98 - requires subscription)
Saving Asia: It's time to get radical (Fortune, 9/8/98)
Why aren't we all Keynesians yet? (Fortune, 8/3/98)

July 1998

No time for losers (New York Times Magazine, 7/26/98)
Supply, demand, and English food (Fortune, 7/20/98)
False Dawn: The Delusions of Global Capitalism (book review, New Statesman)
A bridge to nowhere? (Shizuoka Shimbun, 7/14/98)
Size does matterIn defense of macroeconomics (Slate, 7/9/98 - requires subscription)
But for, as if, and so what (a technical note on the effect of trade on wages)

June 1998

Further notes on Japan's liquidity trap
The Great Betrayal (review of Patrick Buchanan for The Washington Post)
America the Boastful (Foreign Affairs, May 1998)
Setting sunJapan: what went wrong
Glenn Loury's Round Trip The odyssey of a black intellectual (Slate, May 1998)

May 1998

Future imperfect (The Red Herring, June 1998)
The ice age cometh (Fortune, 5/25/98)
Japan's trap (an attempt to clarify my own thoughts on the slump)
The myth of Asia's miracle (the notorious 1994 Foreign Affairs article - by popular demand)
I told you so (New York Times Magazine, May 5, 1998)

April 1998

Soft microeconomicsThe squishy case against you-know-who (4/23/98)
The $300,000 man (4/11/98)
Who's afraid of the euro? (Fortune, 4/27/98)
Start taking the Prozac (Financial Times, April 9, 1998)
Rupiah Rasputin (Fortune, 4/13/98 - sidebar to story on Indonesia)

March 1998

There'll always be a Soros (Fortune, 3/30/98)
Paradigms of panic (Slate, 3/12/98 )
Will Asia bounce back? (speech for Credit Suisse First Boston conference in Hong Kong)
The trouble with history (Washington Monthly)