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Keynote Sessions

LIS Project - Phase I Findings: Overview and Discussion
Richard Lester
Director, MIT Industrial Performance Center

Innovation Benchmarking Survey: New Findings on University-Industry Relations
Alan Hughes
Director, Center for Business Research, University of Cambridge

Keynote Session 1: Creating and nurturing new industries
Growing the Life Sciences Industry in the Boston Area
Lita Nelsen
Director, Technology Licensing Office, MIT

Keynote Session 2: Transplanting industries
The ICAR Project: Embedding the Automotive Industry in South Carolina
Chris Przirembel
Vice President for Research and Economic Development, Clemson University

Keynote Session 3: Diversification/Upgrading of Mature Industries
Lehigh University and the Transformation of the Industries of the Lehigh Valley
Gregory Farrington
President, Lehigh University

Keynote Session 4: Industrial Transformation: The Case of Finland
Esko Aho, former Prime Minister of Finland
President of SITRA the Finnish National Fund for Research and Development

Concluding Session: Local Innovation and Globalization


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