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The general objective of LISS is to develop innovative quantitative knowledge and solutions related to sustainability of construction materials, buildings, and neighborhoods. This bottom up approach of multiscale development at the material, building, and city levels offers opportunities for impactful engineering solutions through fundamental scientific developments while addressing grand challenges associated with the impact of human activities on the natural environment. Concerns about energy usage and conservation; the safety, durability, and sustainability of materials and constructed facilities; and expected increase in population growth requiring investment in residential, business, and national infrastructure are among these grand challenges.

The research at LISS focuses on advancement of scientific knowledge and applications specifically dealing with innovations in advanced concrete materials, their usage in physical infrastructure through mechanics, computation and experimentation. The research also focuses on repair technologies of concrete structures using FRP composites, non-destructive testing, performance assessment and monitoring of the built environment through intelligent sensing and data analytics. The overall aim of this integrated interdisciplinary paradigm is to make the built environment sustainable by providing innovative solutions for design of new systems as well as for maintaining and retrofitting existing structures. The overall mission contributes to education, and societal and economic development.

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Oral Buyukozturk, CE, PhD, F.ASCE, F.ACI, F.RSE
George Macomber Professor | MIT
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Director, Lab for Infrastructure Science and Sustainability
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Room 1-281, 77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA, 02139
Tel: 617.253.7186

Email: obuyuk@mit.edu
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Infrastructure Mechanics, Materials, and Sustainability




"Transformative research in engineering mechanics and infrastructure sustainability"

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