Multi-scale Characterization of Oil-well Cements for Water Dynamics and Microstructure Analysis

The use of X-ray/Neutron Pair Distribution Function (PDF) technique proves to be useful in providing the critical insight into the retarder mechanism and as a basis to engineer the retarders for various oil-well cementing applications.



K. Kupwade-Patil, P. Boul, D. Rasner, M. Everett, T. Proffen, K. Page, D. Ma, D. Olds, C. Thaemlitz, and O. Buyukozturk. Retarder effect on Hydrating Oil Well Cements investigated using in situ Neutron/X-ray Pair Distribution Function (PDF) Analysis. Cement and Concrete Research 2019; 126: 105920-1-13.


MIT Civil and Environmental Engineering
Aramco Services Company
Oak Ridge National Laboratory



Aramco Services Company


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