Signature Project: Sustainability of Kuwait's Built Environment

The overall objective of the signature project was to develop innovative solutions and methodologies for the sustainability of Kuwait’s built environment and to establish a new paradigm in engineering design that can be used in Kuwait and exported throughout the world.

Based on the overall goal of the project, three distinct but related focus research areas have been defined for this signature project:

FOCUS AREA A: Innovative Materials

Nano-engineered construction materials for durability in aggressive environment in Kuwait, and designed to access superior material properties from sustainable raw material inputs

FOCUS AREA B: Performance-based Engineering

Ground Motion Modeling and Structural Monitoring for Performance-based Engineering and Reliability, system design with advanced materials and energy efficiency.

FOCUS AREA C: Energy Efficiency and Life Cycle Performance

Enhanced Operational Energy Efficiency and Life Cycle Performance of Buildings, and designed materials from the molecular scale up in the context of the complete life cycle of structures.


Key contributions





Source Mechanism study of local earthquakes in Kuwait










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Project Team

PI: Oral Buyukozturk (CEE)

Focus Area A: Innovative Materials

Current MIT Investigators

Current KUWAITI Investigators

  • Suad Al-Bahar (KISR), Co-PI
  • Prof. Ali Bumajdad (KU), Co-PI
  • Adel Husain (KISR), Co-I
  • Saud Al-Otaibi (KISR)
  • Jayasree Chakkamalayth (KISR)
  • Shrin Pirzadeh (KU)

Focus Area B: Performance-based Engineering

Current MIT Investigators

Current KUWAITI Investigators

  • Dr. Hasan Kamal (KISR), Co-PI
  • Abdullah Al-Enezi (KISR)
  • Jamal Al-Qazweeni (KISR), Co-I
  • Prof. Ammar E. A. Ben-Nakhi (KU), Co-I
  • Dr. Jafarali Parol (KISR)

Focus Area C: Energy Efficiency and Life Cycle Analysis

Current MIT Investigators

Current KUWAITI Investigators

  • Dr. Ali E. Hajiah (KISR), Co-PI
  • Dr. Adil Al-Mumin (KU), Co-PI
  • Mohammad Sebzali (KISR)
  • Zainab Murtadhawni (KISR)
  • Ahmad Al-Ghadban (KISR)


Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Kuwait-MIT Center for Natural Resources and the Environment


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