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May, 97
Technologies of Freedom Postings

September, 97
Transformations of the Book Conference

October, 97
Virtual Communities

February, 98
Democracy and Digital Media Conference

March, 98
Science Fiction Readings

May, 98
Democracy and Digital Media Postings

June, 98
Democracy and Digital Media Postings

August, 98
Science Fiction: Media and Imagination Postings
Fall 98 Calendar

September, 98
Digital Cities Conference
Hypertext in Historical Context Forum

October, 98
Jounalism and Cyberspace Forums

November, 98
Jenkin's Article, "From Home(r) to the Holodeck"

December, 98
Next Generation Internet Conference

January, 99
Thorburn's Article, "Web of Paradox"
Jounalism and Cyberspace Forum

February, 99
Beyond the Ivory Tower Forum

March, 99
Rick Altman Lecture

April, 99
Stealth Bombers: Invisible Information Forum

May, 99
Wiring the Classroom Conference

June, 99
Media in Transition Conference Call for Papers

August, 99
Media in Transition Conference Announcement

September, 99
Australian Cultural Studies Forum

October, 99
Media in Transition Conference

November, 99
Cinema of Outsiders Forum

December, 99
The Public Intellectual Forum

January, 00
Spring Calendar

February, 00
Video Games Conference

March, 00
Youth in a Digital Era Forum

April, 00
The Digital Library Forum

May, 00
The Science in Science Fiction Forum

June, 00
Fall Preview Schedule