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Kerberos for Macintosh - Old Documentation

Kerberos for Macintosh is a Kerberos authentication system for Mac OS. It provides Kerberos v4 and Kerberos v5 protocols, GSSAPI, a graphical Login interface and accompanying API for acquiring Kerberos tickets, an in-memory ticket cache and KClient compatibility.

The documentation linked to on this page is for older releases of Kerberos for Macintosh, for Mac OS 8 and 9, and Mac OS X 10.1.

The complete documentation for current releases of Kerberos for Macintosh, including latest news, FAQs, and downloading information, can be found here - if you do not see what you are looking for here, please go to the main page.

Documentation for KfM 4.0.3 (Mac OS 8 & 9, Mac OS X 10.1)
Release Notes for KfM 4.0.3 (Mac OS 8 & 9, Mac OS X 10.1)
Kerberos for Macintosh FAQs
Known Bugs for KfM 4.0.3 and earlier (Mac OS 8 & 9, Mac OS X 10.1)
Support & Contact Info

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