Mechanobiology Lab

                                                                                                                           Movie doi: 10.1038/nprot.2017.018

About Us

An overriding objective of the Mechanobiology Lab is to elucidate the fundamental nature of how cells sense and respond to mechanical stimuli, and use this knowledge to gain a deeper understanding of cell population behaviors such as emergence of form and function. We employ the principles revealed by these studies to seek new treatments for vascular disease, metastatic cancer, and neurological disease through the creation of new microphysiological models for organ physiology and pathophysiology. Partnering with the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, we also seek to develop tissue constructs for drug and toxicity screening. Both experimental and computational approaches are employed in a manner that encourages the constant interplay between the two for purposes of model validation, direct measurement of critical parameters, and identifying new hypotheses to be tested through experiment. We work on 5 broad areas as shown below.

The Kamm Lab is committed to actively promoting a positive, inclusive lab environment. We respect and value that our members come from a wide range of backgrounds, and we believe that this diversity of perspectives, skills, and experiences is critical for performing more creative and innovative research. We also recognize that systemic barriers and attitudes have created historical (and ongoing) opportunity imbalances, which hamper the ability of certain groups to participate and succeed in STEM. To combat this, we are committed to taking intentional steps — both within our lab and in our broader communities — to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion. (Inspired by the Evans Lab at Michigan State University)

Lab Members