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Frequently Asked Questions

Is MITIR a partisan publication?
No.  MITIR will allow writers of all persuasions to submit pieces.  As long as opinions are supported by evidence, we are open to all ideas.

Do you only seek scholarly submissions that are heavily footnoted?
No.  While it is common to see heavily footnoted pieces in scholarly publications, we would like to make MITIR accesible not only to academics but also to the public.

How often will MITIR publish?
While we aspire to be a quarterly journal in the long-term, we plan to publish two issues per year through the near future.

Will you only publish essays?
No. We welcome book reviews, opinion editorials, travel experiences, research reviews, and so forth, as long as they are relevant to the field of international affairs.

Is MITIR an undergraduate publication?
No. MITIR is open to undergraduates, graduates, professors, and policymakers.

Are only MIT community members permitted to write for MITIR?
No. While the MIT community is our central audience, students, academics, and policymakers from beyond are all welcome to submit pieces.

Are you an online journal only?

No. While our issues will be available for download on our website, readers may order hardcopies as well. To minimize costs, however, only a small number of hardcopies will be printed. They will be distributed free of charge at MIT, but non-MIT subscribers will have to pay a nominal fee.

Are you recognized by the Association of Student Activities (ASA)?
Yes. We secured ASA recognition in April 2007.

Is MITIR a student-run publication?
Yes. We are a completely student-run publication. At times, we do consult with professors on our Board of Advisors. However, both the editing process and the management of the journal are directed only by students.

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