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User’s Guide, Chapter 6: Streams (II): Hierarchies, Recursion, and Flattening

We ended Chapter 4 (User’s Guide, Chapter 4: Lists, Streams (I) and Output) with a Stream that was contained within another Stream object. Let’s recreate that class:

from music21 import *

note1 = note.Note("C4")
note1.duration.type = 'half'
note2 = note.Note("F#4")
note3 = note.Note("B-2")

stream1 = stream.Stream() = 'some notes'

biggerStream = stream.Stream()
note2 = note.Note("D#5")
biggerStream.insert(0, note2)

The only way to find out what was in the contained Stream that we demonstrated so far was the show() method using the ('text') argument.'text')
 {0.0} <music21.note.Note D#>
 {1.0} < some notes>
     {0.0} <music21.note.Note C>
     {2.0} <music21.note.Note F#>
     {3.0} <music21.note.Note B->

As Chapter 4 noted, there’s

Recursion in Streams

Flattening a Stream