A cathodoluminescence image of Chilka Lake anorthosite composed of coarse-grained labradorite crystals. This image was generated by light emitted from the sample as an electron beam was rastered over the surface.

I am an igneous and metamorphic petrologist. I use thermobarometric techniques to study the evolution of mantle-derived melts (basaltic primary magmas) that interact with wall rock and undergo fractional crystallization while ascending through the upper mantle and crust. I also study high pressure-temperature metamorphism of rocks such as eclogite and granulite in order to understand the tectonic evolution of mountain belts by calculating pressure-temperature paths using thermodynamics and phase equilibrium modeling, burial and exhumation rates through garnet diffusion modeling, and chemical dating of monazite. The primary analytical tool I use is the electron probe microanalyzer (EPMA) that provides high-resolution images, elemental maps, and complete chemical analysis at the micrometer-scale resolution. Following are some of my important publications: