Large area back-scattered electron (BSE) image and Mg x-ray elemental map of melanephelinite from Sarnu, Deccan Traps, showing a porphyritic texture with olivine (yellow-green Mg), augite (blue Mg), spinel and Fe-Ti oxide (bright BSE) phenocrysts in a fine-grained matrix. The images were acquired in a stage-rastering mode by moving the stage under a fixed electron beam.

I am an igneous and metamorphic petrologist. I use major element modeling and thermobarometric techniques to study the origin and evolution of mantle-derived melts (basaltic primary magmas) that interact with wall rock and undergo fractional crystallization while ascending through the upper mantle and crust. I also study high pressure-temperature (P-T) metamorphism of rocks to understand the tectonic evolution of mountain belts by calculating P-T-time paths using thermodynamics, phase equilibria, and monazite chemical dating. The primary analytical tool I use is the electron probe microanalyzer (EPMA) that provides high-resolution images, elemental maps, and complete chemical analysis at the micrometer-scale resolution. Following are my research highlights: