Recent activity

  • Invited speaker at "From melt to igneous rock", an international workshop at Trabzon, Turkey (Oct. 14-16, 2015): Three talks on "Igneous thermobarometry", "Electron microprobe analysis", and "Monazite chemical dating".
  • Subaqueous early eruptive phase of the Rajmahal volcanism: The Early Cretaceous (Late Aptian) Rajmahal flood basalts of eastern India constitute a part of a large igneous province related to the Kerguelen plume.
  • Deccan primary magmas: Reconstructions of the lherzolite-equilibrated primary magmas of the evolved tholeiites from the Deccan plume-related Cretacous-Paleogene flood basalt province of India suggest that they were primitive tholeiites that last equilibrated with the mantle at ~8-13 kb (Moho depth) and ~1268-1332 oC (not anomalously high temperatures).
  • Exhumation the Tso Morari eclogite, northwestern Himalayas (part of a larger project on tectonic evolution of the western Himalayas funded by MIT MISTI): The metamorphic P-T path indicates high-pressure heating only possible within the mantle wedge and exhumation as a diapir from the subducting slab.

Research Topics