Fundamentals of Surface Tension/Wettability

I have tried to put few demonstrations and experiments on this web site, which highlight to a good extent, the importance of 'surface tension' effects in our daily life. The motivation behind this effort is to introduce elementary school-aged children to the fundamentals of general science with a focus on wetting phenomena / surface tension effects. This effort is sponsored by NSF Nanotechnology and Interdisciplinary Research Initiative (NIRT).

If you happen to have any good suggestions/feedback regarding this web site, you are welcome to email me at agrawala[at]mit[dot]edu. Hope you have a good time exploring this web site, Thanks, Abhinandan Agrawal.


1) Introduction to surface tension

2) Surface tension as a line force and interfacial energy

3) Interfacial (liquid-liquid) tension

4) Minimal surfaces

5) Soap bubbles, surfactants and detergents

6) Wettability, non-wettability and contact angle hysteresis

7) Role of roughness as an amplifier for wettability

8) Capillarity and gravity

9) Dynamical effects and interfacial stability

10) Special interfaces

11) Current research in wettability


Prof. Gareth McKinley for his ideas and suggestions
Roger Yeh for co-directing the videos.

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