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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

OEIT - Office of Educational Innovation and Technology

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Staff List

Lourdes Aleman
Senior Consultant and Program Coordinator for Curriculum Innovation

STAR Team, Biology

James Cain
Senior Educational Technology Consultant

Manager of Experimental Learning Environments, Learning Spaces Team

Ivica Ceraj
OEIT Architect

Software Tools for Academics and Researchers

Mary Curtin
Senior Administrative Assistant

Administration and Finance

Brian Deans-Rowe
Senior Developer

Games, graphics modelling

Violeta Ivanova
Instructor and Educational Innovation Leader

Visualization in Science and Education, Social Media for Teaching and Learning, Student Initiatives

Shloka Kini
STAR Software Developer

STAR, StarCellBio

M. S. Vijay Kumar
Senior Associate Dean & Director

Educational Technology, Educational Planning; Planning and Managing Innovation Diffusion; Open Educational Resources

Judith Leonard
Communications and Events

Headquarters Team, Outreach, Event planning

Jeff Merriman
Associate Director, Software Strategy and Development

Bridging Content and Curriculum

Brandon Muramatsu
Senior IT Consultant

Educational Digital Libraries, Open Educational Resources, OpenCourseWare, courseware

Justin Riley
OEIT Senior Developer

Software Tools for Academics and Researchers

Molly Ruggles
Senior Educational Technology Consultant

Web-based applications, research tools, writing, editing, social networking

Cole Shaw
Software Developer


Chuck Shubert
OEIT Senior Architect, Software Tools for Academics and Researchers

STAR team

Betsy Skrip
Educational Technology Consultant in Graphic Arts and Design

MIT Artemis Visualization Group

Peter Wilkins
Senior Programmer/Analyst

Transmedia Systems and Applications (TSA)


Postdoctoral Associate in Educational Technologies Development and Curriculum Innovation
Program Coordinator, MIT+K12 Videos
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Technical Instructor, Chemistry Department, MIT
Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Instructor MIT Department of Chemistry

Office of Educational Innovation and Technology
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