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OEIT - Office of Educational Innovation and Technology

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Event Announcement

"Innovation, Transformation and Excellence in Learning"

Wed. Oct 14, 2009, 10 - 2 pm, Lobby 13

The Microsoft Research iCampus Award for Student Innovation will be announced at 12:30!

This event will showcase some of the ways MIT faculty, students and staff are using technology to advance teaching and learning at MIT, and beyond. Featured project demonstrations, short panel discussions, interactive presentations, information about available support services, and on-site consultations will highlight ways to use technology for innovative pedagogy, including:

- Using video and clickers for teaching large classes more effectively
- Finding and integrating digital content into the curriculum
- Supporting global learning experiences
- Incorporating visualizations and simulations to deepen student understanding
- Open educational tools and resources
- Promoting cross-departmental collaborations

Overview of 2009 Exhibits

Ed Tech Fair Program

For more information, please contact Toru Iiyoshi (

Sponsored by:
Office of Educational Innovation and Technology

Co-hosted by:
Office of Faculty Support
Teaching and Learning Lab

Office of Educational Innovation and Technology
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