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Using CompQuick

Competency-based interviewing can be easily integrated into your normal interviews–conducted by you individually or by a team or committee.

The CompQuick steps below will take you through a simplified version of the competency-based interview process. These steps will help you prepare for, conduct and assess your interviews. (General guidelines and information about hiring and interviewing at MIT can be found in The MIT Selection Process.)

A couple of important points:

Screen your candidates for technical skills and basic qualifications prior to interviews. There is no point in expending the effort to assess someone's behavioral competencies if he or she is not a realistic candidate for the position.

Be sure to be consistent across interviews in the ordering and framing of your questions.

Keep in mind the basic principle of interviewing for competencies:

Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.

  • Step 1: Get Your Materials
  • Step 2: Plan Your Competency Interviews
  • Step 3: Prepare for Each Interview
  • Step 4: Conduct the Interviews
  • Step 5: Assess What You Heard
  • Step 6. Contact Us
  • Competency Interviewing Tips

    Hiring for Competencies at MIT

    Step 1: Get Your Materials


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