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What is CompQuick?

Interviewing job candidates is difficult–sometimes more art than science. How can you predict if the person in front of you would be effective in the face of the demands and challenges of your open position?

It is usually possible to assess a candidate’s technical skills and knowledge (or technical competencies) by reviewing the resume and asking about training and experience. But there are other important factors–which we call behavioral competencies–that are also critical for success, but difficult to assess from a resume or a standard interview.

CompQuick is an easy-to-use tool for enhancing hiring effectiveness at MIT by providing a way to assess behavioral competencies that have been demonstrated to be key for success in administrative work at MIT. It is built around a set of behavioral competencies referred to as the MIT Administrative Staff Core Competency Model. Research by the Human Resources Practices Development Team (HRPD) has shown are that these competencies are important predictors of effective performance for a broad range of MIT administrative staff positions.

A set of core competencies for support staff will be completed by Summer 2000, and integrated into this CompQuick guide.

CompQuick consists of a set of questions and guidelines that help interviewers get at these core behavioral competencies. It provides a brief introduction to competencies and how to interview for them, and includes an Interview Packet, which you can print and use as a guide and recording form during interviews.

CompQuick is not intended to replace current approaches to conducting interviews. Rather, it is meant to add an important tool to the interviewer’s toolbox–one that can increase the power and precision of the interview process.

If you need a refresher on the overall process of selecting and hiring people at MIT, this guide also provides an outline of The MIT Selection Process, which features generally useful guidelines on planning and conducting interviews as well as links to relevant MIT policy.

For more in-depth information about competencies, competency-based practices and training resources, see Learning More.

This guide has been developed by the Human Resource Practices Implementation Resource Team, with assistance from the Performance Consulting and Training team. We welcome your questions, comments and suggestions. Please send e-mail to



What are Competencies?


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Last updated January 2000


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