Issues: Social Responsibility at MIT

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Suggested Courses

A list [PDF] of MIT courses with particular relevance to social responsibility (compiled January, 2007).

Get the same list in brochure format [PDF]; print double-sided with the binding option set to the short side.

Curriculum Reform

In designing a missile guidance system, modifying a virus's genetic code, or studying the geophysics of oil exploration, should students consider, in parallel, the societal ramifications of their work? Surely the scientist and engineer have a responsibility both to truth and to society for which the truth is being sought. Surely we are more than mere cogs in the machine.

One of many avenues to expand the ethical consciousness of scientists and engineers is to impart necessary skills while they are students. MIT Student Pugwash and many others at MIT think more effort should be devoted to this task by MIT. What we seek is not theoretical nor academic ethics per se, although they are certainly worthy pursuits. Instead we wish to emphasize practical, applied ethics, pertaining directly to students' scientific and design challenges.

Graduation Pledge

A pledge to social responsibility.

Responsible Research

What research at MIT has social responsibility in mind? Should we list your work? Here's a sampling:

Volunteer and Service Opportunities

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