For now, this reference is a best-effort document. We strive for validity and completeness, but are not yet there. In the future, the docs and lang teams will work together to figure out how best to do this. Until then, this is a best-effort attempt. If you find something wrong or missing, file an issue or send in a pull request.


This document is the primary reference for the Rust programming language. It provides three kinds of material:

  • Chapters that informally describe each language construct and their use.
  • Chapters that informally describe the memory model, concurrency model, runtime services, linkage model and debugging facilities.
  • Appendix chapters providing rationale and references to languages that influenced the design.

This document does not serve as an introduction to the language. Background familiarity with the language is assumed. A separate book is available to help acquire such background familiarity.

This document also does not serve as a reference to the standard library included in the language distribution. Those libraries are documented separately by extracting documentation attributes from their source code. Many of the features that one might expect to be language features are library features in Rust, so what you're looking for may be there, not here.

This document also only serves as a reference to what is available in stable Rust. For unstable features being worked on, see the Unstable Book. This was a recent change in scope, so unstable features are still documented, but are in the process of being removed.

Finally, this document is not normative. It may include details that are specific to rustc itself, and should not be taken as a specification for the Rust language. We intend to produce such a document someday, but this is what we have for now.

You may also be interested in the grammar.

You can contribute to this document by opening an issue or sending a pull request to the Rust Reference repository.

N. B. This document may be incomplete. Documenting everything might take a while. We have a big issue to track documentation for every Rust feature, so check that out if you can't find something here.