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Whitespace is any non-empty string containing only characters that have the Pattern_White_Space Unicode property, namely:

  • U+0009 (horizontal tab, '\t')
  • U+000A (line feed, '\n')
  • U+000B (vertical tab)
  • U+000C (form feed)
  • U+000D (carriage return, '\r')
  • U+0020 (space, ' ')
  • U+0085 (next line)
  • U+200E (left-to-right mark)
  • U+200F (right-to-left mark)
  • U+2028 (line separator)
  • U+2029 (paragraph separator)

Rust is a "free-form" language, meaning that all forms of whitespace serve only to separate tokens in the grammar, and have no semantic significance.

A Rust program has identical meaning if each whitespace element is replaced with any other legal whitespace element, such as a single space character.