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New faculty chairs

Department of Economics

Professor Abhijit Banerjee, The Ford International Professor of Economics

Associate Professor Michael Greenstone, The 3M Associate Professor of Environmental Economics


Foreign Languages and Literatures Faculty

Professor Isabelle de Courtivron, The Ann F. Friedlaender Professor of Humanities


History Faculty

Professor John W. Dower, The Ford International Professor of History


Literature Faculty

Professor Henry Jenkins, The John E. Burchard Professor of Humanities

Associate Professor Christina Klein, The Mitsui Career Development Professor


Department of Political Science

Professor Stephen Ansolabehere, The Elting E. Morison Professor

Associate Professor Jonathan Rodden, The Ford Career Development Professor

Professor Barry R. Posen, The Ford International Professor of Political Science


Faculty Promotions to Tenure
(effective July 1, 2003)

Michel DeGraff
Associate Professor of Linguistics

Edward J. Hall
Associate Professor of Philosophy

Roger Petersen
Associate Professor of Political Science



Message from Dean Khoury


Conversation with
Professor Evan Ziporyn:
A new sonic language

Glimpse into MIT's first
interdisciplinary major

Book series:
media in transition

Spotlight on MIT's
Security Studies Program


Book notes

Bullets & bytes

Honors & awards

New faculty chairs

New faculty


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