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The MIT/ICBP siRNA Database

With the increasing number of experimentally verified siRNAs and shRNAs created and used by members of the MIT community, it has become desirable to have a comprehensive, easily accessible database to store and distribute information on tested siRNAs and shRNAs. The MIT/ICBP siRNA Database is an effort to catalog these experimentally validated reagents and make that information available to other researchers, both within and outside the MIT community.

Currently the database has validated siRNA and shRNA sequences against over 100 genes from three sources.

  1. Sequences designed and tested by MIT researchers
  2. Sequences designed by Qiagen; tested by Natasha Caplen’s group at the NCI (more information)
  3. Sequences designed by Greg Hannon and Steve Elledge; tested by the ICBP and CGAP programs at the NCI  (more information)

Search the Database:

NCBI Probes Database Portal

In addition to the local siRNA Database, submissions to the MIT/ICBP siRNA Database are added to the NCBI's Probes Database. We provide direct links of our sequences to the NCBI Database so that users can access the full functionality provided by the NCBI's website.


We are currently seeking additional sequences to add to our database.

MIT Researchers:  Submit sequences directly through the submission page or contact us for assistance. 

Outside MIT: Researchers located outisde MIT may contact the database administrator directly regarding submission of sequences. 


The Integrative Cancer Biology Program (ICBP) is funded by the NCI to stimulate multidisciplinary collaborations in the field of cancer biology. MIT is privileged to be one of 9 university ICBP centers established by the NCI.



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