MIT Sloan BioInnovations 2014

Precision Medicine & the Impact of Innovation on Targeted Care

Friday, Feb. 28 | For 2015 conference, click here

Boston Marriott Cambridge

Friday, Feb. 28, 2014 Boston Marriott Cambridge

MIT Sloan BioInnovations 2014 brings together industry, academic and policy leaders to discuss the most pressing issues and exciting innovations in the healthcare sector.

This year, the BioInnovations conference focuses on the trend of precision medicine in the healthcare industry. Innovations in genomics technology have made the genetic information of individuals very accessible, and that information is being used in a growing array of diagnostic and treatment-tuning capacities. This conference promises to deliver quality insights and healthy debates surrounding these topics, as well as provides an excellent opportunity for new business ideas and professional development.

Online ticket sales end February 26. Limited numbers available at the door.